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Monday, September 3, 2018

Super Silly Sayings

And here's our latest update:

  • Riley saw a gentleman with a receding hairline and made the observation, "That guy has hair on the side, but not on the top." 
  • Riley talking about his future career: "I think I'm going to be a comedian and have this Dad joke book when I'm a dad just like you." (It's the one we got Chris for Father's Day).
  • Maggie talking about her future career: "I'm going to be a 'national leader' of Dunkin Donuts, TCBY, Krispy Kreme and have lots of stands. You know like a lemonade stand and a bubble gum stand."
  • Maggie after visiting Dylan and Brooke's church for their baptism: "Hey look, this church is 'serving pens' and they gave me one."
  • Riley after watching a TV show's credits: "Wow this is an old cartoon. It was made in 2005." To which Maggie replies: "2005?? Does that make it the first cartoon ever?"
  • Maggie talking to Chris last night at bedtime: "Did you know I'm attractive?" Chris: "Yes, I did know that." "Yeah, I am like half cat, half human because I can be awake at night and still hear when I'm asleep." Chris thinking in his head: "I think she may have confused attractive with another "a" word like perhaps 'alert'. She was reading in her Bad Kitty book earlier about unique facts about cats." Regardless, she is both attractive and alert! 

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