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Sunday, September 2, 2018

An Adventure-filled August

August was a bit of a blur as I look back on it. Here are some events from this month in reverse order (most recent to least recent).

Riley had his first (and hopefully last) adventure with surgery on August 31st. A hydrocele procedure was done to help prevent a hernia in his groin area from developing. It was only a 30 minute outpatient procedure and he was in great hands with Dr. J from Charlotte Pediatric Urology, but we were all a little nervous leading up to the big day. We were so grateful that he came out of surgery completely fine and the scariest part of the whole day was just getting his IV put in his hand. He got a cool dino that he named Spiny and started to giggle almost immediately after receiving his "happy juice" to help him relax. Chris and I were so relieved to see him sitting up eating animal crackers in recovery and we knew our boy was back to his old self when he still wanted to go to McDonald's for his cheeseburger Happy Meal. :) Maggie has been so sweet with Riley. She went to school on Friday (the day of his surgery), but the very next day she let Chris know that we could take a break for 30 minutes or so and she would take care of Riley. She helped him down the stairs, covered him with a blanket, got him toys, magazines, ice packs, and drinks and even slept on the floor next to him "just in case he needs something in the middle of the night." These are the moments that make my Mommy heart swell with happiness! Riley is recovering well. He still can't go to school until Wednesday, but we have to keep reminding him to take it easy and rest on the couch. It's hard to keep a busy boy down!

Here are the annual First Day of School Pics and Posters! I tried to cheat and take pictures outside of the kids on Sunday all dressed up before the big rush of school starting on Monday and Maggie decided to have a costume change (so that's why she has an extra pic). :)

 My sweet grandparents passed away during the month of July. I'm so thankful that the kids and I got to squeeze in a visit to see both of them on Monday, July 16th because one week later Mommaw died. And then just 9 days later (4 days after attending her funeral), my grandfather went to meet his Heavenly Father. Their funerals were exactly one week apart and they were held at the same place (Holcomb Funeral Home), same time (visitation at 11, service at 12, graveside burial around 1, and lunch hosted by MonAetna church around 1:30). My cousins, Kerry and Kristie, both gave of their musical talents and played piano and sang. I was able to share a devotion that Mom had found in a Day-By-Day devotional by Charles Swindoll called" Distributors of Grace" at Poppaw's funeral. I sure will miss these two smiling faces in our lives, but glad that they are at peace and completely whole and healthy.

My kind neighbors, Jeannie and Robert Alexander, gave us some fresh-picked roses from their garden. Nan and Pap and Chris' family sent us a beautiful plant. 
 The kids got to meet their teachers and attend a back-to-school bash at Richmond Drive. I tried to make their last official days of summer special by attempting to make homemade slime, having a water balloon trampoline popping session, and organizing a photo scavenger hunt and treasure hunt.
And our church, North Rock Hill, hosted a Family Fun Day with inflatable water slides and games, and free Kona Ice. We took Parker along with us and he had his first sleepover with Riley later that night. 

 Our old neighbors, Larry and Betty, did a magnificent mosaic as part of a community art project sponsored by Atrium, the local hospital. It used 500 tiles created by kids during Come See Me (unfortunately our kiddos missed this somehow) and then Larry and Betty incorporated logos and their own unique style to create a masterpiece that is now showcased on the side of the Cotton Factory. There was a really need unveiling ceremony with free popsicles, bounce houses, face painting, coffee, and balloon art.

We snuck in a quick trip to Myrtle Beach for just a few days when we found a Groupon deal for Crown Reef, a hotel high-rise with a fun water park. We ate at Mr. Fish for the first time and had a great game of miniature golf at Cancun Lagoon. The weather was beautiful and Riley and I searched for many hours for shark's teeth. For an afternoon snack, we tried out rolled icecream (it was expensive, but yummy). We couldn't get into Pirate's Voyage dinner show at the time we wanted, so we booked a Polynesian Luau in Surfside instead. Maggie didn't hesitate when they asked for volunteers for the Limbo contest and was quite proud of herself for being one of the final contestants! Riley got to go on stage as well and learn some kind of tribal dance. The fire throwers were incredibly talented too!

 There was so much that happened. The kids attended a Music and Drama Camp at Ebenezer ARP and put on an amazing performance of Star Quest for parents to see on the final day. Maggie stole the show with her lip syncing and dancing during other kids' solos. :) Riley sang his songs with confidence as well and had a blast with the gym games that they would play during the day.

Dad celebrated his 47th birthday this year and the kids were excited to make him a special breakfast in bed. Then while they attended their last Nature Navigators camp of the summer, we went and had a quick Mommy and Daddy date! I convinced him to go to Carowinds and ride the Intimidator and Fury 325 with me. Neither of us were big fans of the no-harness, only a lap bar restraint method, but we survived! Then we stuffed ourselves silly at Mr. Tokyo for all-you-can-eat sushi and then fit in a trip to the outlet malls for some back-to-school shopping. 

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