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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Silly Sayings: Summer Edition

  • Maggie while lying in bed reading a book holding an ice pack on her most recent boo-boo starts reading the ice pack: "I'm not really sure why this says keep out of reach of children, I'm not really a child. I'm more like a big kid." 
  • Maggie is fascinated with where people's "tickle spots" are. She assumes that everyone loves to be tickled in their underarms and for about a solid month, she would sneak in a tickle to Chris and I whenever she got close.
  • On Pizza and Movie night, Maggie announced: "This pizza is SOAKING HOT!" 
  • My sweet girl has always had a thing about making a big deal when it's time for me to leave somewhere. She usually has to give me 14 hugs and kisses and a few high fives. Well, most recently, she decided to add in a new trick to her goodbye routine...the foot high five!! 
  • Riley said a sweet prayer the other day for the wind and rain to stop and for the DirectTV to start working again. Miraculously, it did very soon after his prayer. I'm thinking God does care (even about the smallest details). :) 
  • Not to be outdone, Maggie recently said a prayer for Chris' back to heal (after he had gotten injured on his bike), and for her tooth to stop hurting, and for the tooth fairy to hurry up and come!
  • Earlier that week, Maggie was so proud of her loose tooth that she ran up to both Chris and I separately and said: "One or both of your eyes are going to pop out when you see my loose tooth."
  • Riley recently got a new haircut and he's really digging it. He saw his reflection in the mirror one morning after breakfast and made the comment, "I like when my hair 'sprouts up' like that!"
  • Riley noticed graffiti for the first time in our neighborhood on a stop sign and remarked: "I don't know why that person DOODLED on that sign. I bet he's going to get in trouble."
  • The other day we were discussing our top 5 favorite "food groups". Here they are:
    • Maggie: bread, chips, Pringles (separate category), icecream and popcorn
    • Riley: sushi, peanut butter sandwich, pizza, candy, and grilled cheese
    • Chris: chips, popcorn, pizza, icecream, and sushi
    • Tracy: mushroom swiss burger, icecream, spaghetti with meat sauce, fondue, and granola cereal
  •  Maggie gave me an extra tight hug one night at bedtime and said, "You can give dad some of this hug too since he hurt his back."
  • I made the comment to Maggie that she's a night owl when I found her still awake at 10:30 one night as I was heading to bed myself. She quickly replied back, "No, I'm not, it's just the way I live."
  • We've been talking to Daddy on the phone while he's been on his bike ride across Iowa and we'll pass the phone around when we're in the car taking turns. Maggie always has to add at the end, "Okay STAY TUNED, I'm going to give the phone to mom now so goodbye, but don't hang up." 
Ahh...what am I going to do when these kids get all sophisticated and don't have as many silly sayings?? Just reading over these, brings a smile to my face as I hope they do for you too!! 

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