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Thursday, May 31, 2018

MAY the Force be with You!

 We kicked off the month of May with Teacher Appreciation Week (my Pleasant Knoll students and PTO were so good to me and spoiled us with lunches, snacks, gift cards, and a t-shirt and plant). Then we had a very busy May 12th (with Riley having his last ROAR soccer game of the season, trophy presentation, lunch at McAlister's with Grandmama and Papa and a fun-filled party. We called all Jedi a galaxy not so far away...the Force awakened at Riley's 8th Star Wars Birthday Party. The Council was notified of five young boys and one spirited young girl who planned to attend. Jedi Training and dinner was provided for all members. May the Force Be With You as you get an insider's look at this momentous celebration!

 The themed food cards are my absolute favorite part of a party! The puns crack me up!

 Riley had a great time with his buddies (Jackson, Blake, Parker, and McCord) and of course his sister too! Then he got to have one friend spend the night and watch his first ever Star Wars movie on a big screen presentation that we borrowed from our neighbors. While Riley was watching it he got a special call from Lonnie, his birthfather and got to talk to him for the first time on the phone. They mostly talked about Star Wars and his experience fighting Darth Vader down in Hollywood Studios. It was really special to hear from him and Kristin chimed in the background about her new job in Savannah as guide for ghost tours.

 Mother's Day was made especially special by both Chris and the kids. I received flowers and a housecleaning maid service from my darling hubby and the kids both had handmade gifts and pictures to give me that were so touching and sweet! We celebrated by going to IHOP for breakfast (so I could eat my coveted crepes) and then to Carowinds for our first trip of the season! I got to spend the afternoon working on my Fisher Family Summer Calendar and Bucket Lists (which I absolutely LOVE putting together each year).

 On May 17th, we got to attend Maggie's special end-of-year performance and celebration where she sang her little heart out to tunes like "Tony Chestnut" and "My Mother is a Baker." We loved seeing the sweet slideshow at the end and then visiting with all her classmates and friends.

 May was wrapped up by playdates for both big and little people! Chris and I got to attend a Wine Trail event at the White Home with some of our best friends. And then we all got a special treat when Nan and Pap came for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. We got to check out the Shiland Hills pool for the first time on Saturday, go bowling and eat out together at yummy places like Sonny's BBQ and Manhattan Mexican Restaurant.

 Maggie started her first allergy shots on May 30th and the nurse was kind enough to show how the shots would work on kitty first before she had to brave it herself. She did a great job and our goal is to try and go 3 times a week over the summer to get to the next level dose (and hopefully further apart treatments once school starts back).
 These cuties finished up school today with a half day and we took them out to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then Pelican's to celebrate another great year of school and fantastic grades on their report card. Riley even made it into the Gifted and Talented program that will start up in 3rd grade next year. Now tomorrow...June 1st, we'll head to Carowinds again and then get ready for another fun birthday party (this time a Kitty Icecream party for Mags). :)

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