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Thursday, March 29, 2018

QT: Quality Time with our Cuties

 We put our dancing shoes on this month and “cut the rug” with individual date nights with our kiddos. Maggie and Chris went to a Father Daughter dance sponsored by Rock Hill Parks and Recreation on Friday, March 2nd. Maggie’s favorite song to dance to was Katy Perry’s “Roar”,  but she also equally enjoyed the snack bar! J Chris wanted to take her to the dance with her usual curls, but Maggie had been begging to get her hair “smoothed”, so we compromised and let her get a blow out treatment the day after the dance. She loved every minute of having straight hair and would lay in my lap at night and ask me to brush it. The day after her new ‘do, she asked me if I could do one of those “ponytails that hang down your back.” Her hair is so long, but she doesn’t get to experience its length very often. Our gal is beautiful no matter what style her hair is in!

 About a week later on, Riley and I got to attend a Mother-Son dance at Oakland Baptist Church with a construction theme. He had a blast building all kinds of creations with Blake and his favorite song was dancing to “Ghostbusters.” Then to finish off the month, Riley and Chris got to go on an overnight Boy Scout trip to stay on the Yorktown battleship in Charleston while Maggie and I had a girls’ weekend complete with art, Chinese food, and cupcakes. I loved that we got to spend some one on one time with our sweeties this month!

 Other special events this month included a Wine Tasting with my Bunco babes hosted at Stephanie’s house; St. Patrick’s day shenanigans around the house and with a QCP party complete with leprechaun names like Ireland O’Bourbon (Ronnie’s), Lucky McGreenbottom (Chris), and Rainbow Magic Powergold (Maggie’s of course); Riley starting up soccer with ROAR sports; celebrating Delaney’s birthday at Champions gymnastics; a Sunday Funday at Revolutions arcade with calamari and hibachi afterwards from Fuji Japan; and a date night with Chris to Blue Blaze Brewery in Charlotte (some much needed one on one time with my #1 sweetie).

 Now we’re a day away from Spring Break starting and we’re gearing up for our Disney vacation. The kids got some Disney-themed scavenger hunt clues this week and found small gifts like glow sticks for the fireworks show, matching family t-shirts, travel games and coloring books, and penny passports for pressed pennies. Stay tuned for pics of the highlights of our big trip in next month's blog!

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