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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Talented, Thoughtful, somewhat Toothless Terrific Kids

We ended January by celebrating Maggie being selected as Terrific Kid for her Senora Notaro's class. We got to hear the beautiful, kind things that her teacher had written about her like how she gets along with everyone and how she loves to learn new things and share them with others. Just as Mr. Maness was finishing up with reading the rest of the tributes to Kindergarten and first grade students, a bat flew out of the rafters of the stage and into the cafeteria. Several teachers went into action trying to open doors, turn off lights, close the stage curtains, and trap the bat but it was to no avail. Unfortunately, the rest of the ceremony had to be postponed. Luckily we got to hear Maggie's portion and snap a few pics with her, but little did we know that if she had been postponed she would have been celebrated the same month as her brother.

 Eating on the Honor Plate for being Terrific Kid!

 The "Tooth Fairy" snapped these pictures on my phone so that I would forever remember sweet Maggie's special requests of candy and decorating her room. Both her front teeth were loose together. She lost the first one on February 12th and then a week later, she lost her second one. 

 My Three Loves!!

 Here's our traditional "Melting Pot Wannabe" dinner!

 This though is by far my favorite tradition ever! From February 1st through the 14th, I hang a heart on each person's door that everyone helped to write about each other and we get to wake up and start our day with a message of love. I'm collecting them each year and putting them on a binder ring so we'll all have these special mementos. I know I'll treasure them forever!

 On Friday, February 23rd, we had the honor of watching Maggie perform in her Patriotic Program. This is the same program that Riley's class did 2 years ago as well. It teaches the kids bits and pieces of famous patriotic songs and about biographies of leaders such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Susan B. Anthony. Maggie did such a great job on all the songs and she wrapped up the show by belting out the last line: "We hope you learned a lot today and we just want to say..." to which all the kids shouted "Thank you for coming!"

 Today (Feb. 27th), we got the privilege of celebrating with Riley as he was honored as Terrific Kid for the first time as well. This time the ceremony went off without a hitch and we loved how hearing how Riley's teacher appreciates his love for diversity and his detailed answers. We are so proud of our talented, thoughtful, somewhat toothless Terrific Kids!

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