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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

LOL--February Edition

Here is this month's "Kids Say The Funniest Things" round-up:

  • Maggie to Tracy: "I had a bad dream that a volcano was interrupting our house." 
  • Chris to Maggie: "I want to be a kid again." To which Maggie promptly replies: "You can't...unless I kill you and then you can go to heaven and be a baby again." Yikes!
  • Newest family joke started by Maggie: "Look under there?" Us: "Under where?" (underwear, get it??)
  • Riley's newest saying: "Really? Really dad?" And he has the sarcastic face to match!
  • Maggie to Chris while practicing guitar: "Can you hand me that wood chip?" Pretty sure she meant pick!
  • Riley as he is getting ready for his shower: "I have a 4-pack and pretty soon I'm going to have an 8-pack!"
  • Maggie when asked to clean up: "You guys are making me do 'drama' stuff." We think this may stem from us telling her every so often that she's a bit of a drama queen and can be dramatic (just a tad!) :) 
  • Maggie while trying to decide on dessert tonight: "Should I have the fruit snacks or the 'conservation' hearts?" (Valentine conversation hearts)

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