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Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Happenings

For Halloween, Riley decided to be Ninja Warrior and Maggie made up a costume called Sassy Cat complete with a broom,kitten ears, and a sparkly dress. We enjoyed a "Kids Eat Free in Costume" meal from McAlisters with Grandmama and then checked out our new neighbors with some trick-or-treating action. The neighbors beside us gave out full-sized candy bars and the guy down in the cul-de-sac handed out glow sticks which were really popular with our two.

 What a fun, festive time of year! The kids get to go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to decorating for Christmas all within a few short weeks. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at Rodger and Melissa's with turkey and all the trimmings. Dylan and Brooke, Mom and Dad (Grandmama and Papa), Mommaw and Poppaw, Jim and Judy, Jeannie and Lane and our family ate extremely well. Then the kids burned off their extra calories by playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline while I preferred to chit chat, look at Black Friday ads, and make room for dessert. :)

 Parents Vs. Kids -Final Soccer Game of the Season Nov. 18, 20017

  Winthrop Homecoming Nov. 18, 2017

 My Two Turkeys!!

 Our annual pilgrimage to Penland Tree Farm!

 Zippy arrived tonight!

And a final round-up of Kid-isms:

  • "My stomach laughed every time on the roller coaster when it went down." (Maggie talking about her new favorite ride at Carowinds...the Do-Si-Do.
  • Mom to Chris: "Did you hear about the Bears player who may lose his leg?" Maggie pipes up: "It's okay. He can just grow a new one." Riley corrects her quickly, "No, Maggie, he will need a robot leg."
  • Maggie in the car on the way home from school after I asked her about her day: "I'd rather not say this, but Senora Garcia gave us Smartie Pants (candy)." 

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