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Sunday, October 29, 2017

West Coast Wedding and Settling into Shiland

A lot has happened since August. We got to experience our first solar exclipse on August 21st. We got the kids started with school and had a blast at Meet the Teacher.  I started back at Pleasant Knoll Elementary and feel at home in so many ways. We packed up and moved into our new home in Shiland Hills. Maggie is showing her skills in soccer and loves playing goalie. And we got to share in the Kelly's joy as she and Dustin celebrated their nuptials both at Aunt Connie's house in Greenville for a shower and in Kitsap Memorial Park in Washington for a rehearsal and wedding. It was absolutely perfect and such a beautiful reflection of their personalities. Here's some snapshots in no particular order.

Just for fun-here are a few cute sayings going on lately around here:

  • Maggie: My nails are 'rusty'. (As she puts her feet on the table at dinner) "Sorry, even though it's not showing respect, I HAD to do this to show you." 
  • Maggie: "It was the WORST day of my life because (a student) called me a big, fat meanie. 
  • Riley: "Do you know how to spell 'mech' because it's like a giant robot you ride in?" 

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