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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Quick List of Maggie and Riley-isms

  • Papa: Maggie, you haven't eaten all your supper yet. How can your stomach be full from your hot dog but still ready to eat icecream?                                                                                           Maggie: That part of my stomach (pointing to her right side) isn't full because I didn't chew on that side yet.
  • Mom: Maggie, tomorrow you have your Kindergarten screening with Mrs. Smith.                       Maggie: Wait, I'm going to a Kindergarten screen? Like a TV screen? 
  • Riley: Mom, I'm going outside to pick some "poison berries." I'll need some glue, and water, and glitter for my 'toxic waste' I'm making.
  • Maggie (every time just about that we get in our new minivan): Hey, there's a Toyota just like we have. Hey, they have a minivan just like us! 
  • Maggie (to any random stranger or kid): Do you want to check out our minivan? The doors open all by themselves!! 
  • Riley (while drinking a bottle of water): I've got a joke, ready? 'Deer Park, I love you.' Get it? Deer/Dear Park??
  • Maggie: Hugga Mugga (her phrase for bedtime hugs)
  • Riley to Maggie: Let's play where I'm John, the teenager who is 16 and you're Maggie and you're 27.
  • Maggie (singing loudly at any point of the day): 'Take me down to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty."
  • Riley who is now really into puns picked out a card with a giant pickle on the front that read this for my birthday: "So you're another year older, what's the big dill?"
  • Riley while on the Garden City pier sees a tip jar: "Look, it says 'Welcome to Pieradise'. Get it??"
  • Maggie: I need a bath to warm off.
  • Riley: I hope the cheeseburger warms me off. 
  • Maggie: I've got my own Chapstick in case my lips get chappy. 
  • Mom to Maggie: Are you really reading that chapter book you picked out?                                 Maggie: Well, I'm just mostly swiping the pages!

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