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Friday, February 24, 2017

Love is in the Air

In honor of February, here are just a few things I LOVE about this month!

 1) I love that I was able to take off work yesterday to chaperone Riley's 1st grade field trip to see Seussical, the musical, a play performed by high school students at South Pointe. It was so good to see his friends and ride on the bus together. I had a blast holding him in the auditorium (I know my years are limited with this) and listening to him swap silly jokes with his classmates during lunch when we returned.

 2) We LOVED cheering on Dad for his 10 miler on February 18th. He was right on time with his expected finish time (and even set a personal record despite having to overcome steep hills on the last 2 miles). We celebrated with brunch at IHOP afterwards to help him balance out all the calories he burned! :)

 3) I LOVE our 2nd annual tradition of leaving each other love notes on our doors starting February 1st through the 14th. Riley and Maggie got in on the action with Chris and I and both composed some amazing notes.

 4) What's not to love about fondue?? Especially chocolate carmel fondue with marshmallows, brownie bites, Rice Krispie treats, angel food cake, strawberries and pineapple to soak it all up! Of course, we had a cheese and meat course too, but this is always our favorite! Riley said it was one of his best meals ever which of course, I LOVED to hear! It made all the prep work worth it!

 5) I love the simple joys of Dollar Tree glow sticks, whack-a-pack balloons, and silly sunglasses! The kids put on a stellar light show for us later that evening and it makes me smile remembering their excitement..."Watch this, Dad, it's like a helicopter!" "Check this out, I can do two at the same time!!" "Look at my ninja skills."
 6) I LOVE making special breakfasts for the kids that are shaped like different things. This wasn't super fancy and the hardest part was using the cookie cutter on the PopTarts, but it sure brings a smile to their faces. I love that my mom did small things like this for me as a kid and that I'm able to pass on little pieces of happiness and fond memories for my children as well.
 7) I LOVE that Maggie picked out a beautiful butterfly balloon for me and Riley found me some colorful carnations that will never fade or wilt and that Chris got me some chocolates and a sweet card.
 8) Maggie was NOT loving our photo session after church one afternoon, but she managed to make it through a few poses.

 This sibling hug and kiss picture is one of my faves!!

 9) We LOVE attending the themed Winthrop Basketball games. The most recent one we went to was Harry Potter day and the kids got free glasses, Birdie Botts Every Flavor Beans (aka Jelly Belly Beans which some tasted great and others were just plain gross), and Harry Potter scar tattoos. We saw some of our friends there as well and icecream from the concession stand made for a sweet treat as we cheered on the Eagles to victory!

 10) I LOVE date nights with my honey!! The prepaid Date Night Tickets have been a lot of fun so far. We had a great shopping date and Japanese steakhouse supper together in January and this month I bought Chris and I tickets to see Donna the Buffalo at Neighborhood Theater. This was one of our dates early on in our courtship and it was fun seeing this jam band again! We loved staying at the Drury Inn and getting free drinks and an evening meal before the show. I loved that Charlotte has Uber so that we could get safely to and from our event since we were having a few adult beverages. I fell in love with a beer at Growler's from NoDa Brewing Company that tasted just like a Samoan Girl Scout Cookie. And I loved that Chris and I got a bit of time to sleep in and browse through IKEA just the two of us before picking up the kiddos from Mom and Dad.

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