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Friday, February 24, 2017

Anecdotes and Awesome Things Kids Say

  • Maggie to Chris: "Do you ever roll a bone down your leg? You know a doggie bone." (Chris heard it as donkey bone, which made it even more humorous! Not even sure why she is talking about rolling bones down her leg.)
  • Maggie to Chris on the way home from school: "Nolan K. swallowed a quarter. It's in her stomach now. When she poops it'll pop right out of her."
  • Riley to Maggie: "In college, you're still a kid."
  • Riley says, "I have a girlfriend. It's Isabella." Not to be outdone, Maggie replies, "Well, I have two boyfriends (Quinn and Mason) and 2 girlfriends (Nolan and London)."
  • Maggie to me at dinner: "Can I have another 'cass-role'?" She meant crescent roll. :)
  • Riley after watching Minecraft videos on YouTube: "There's these video guys that I watch all the time and they are so inspiring!"

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