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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Summary of Silly Sayings

So here's my collection of silly sayings and humorous happenings around our home lately:

Maggie to Mom while blowing a raspberry kiss on my cheek: "I gave you a cherry."

Maggie to Mom: "Hey M-O-M, wait for M-A-G-G-I-E!"

Maggie to anyone and everyone: "Just kidding! You just don't understand!"

Riley while out in the park collecting helicopter seeds: "I'm going to give these seeds to people that are homeless. If they are sad, they get one. If they are sad and lonely, I'll give them two."

Maggie while getting dressed: "My shirt is plugged up." (She means tucked in.) :)

Riley to Maggie while swinging with Grandmama: "I see France."
Maggie to Riley while swinging: "I see heaven."

Maggie: "Good grief....I mean, bad grief."

Riley to Chris or I, especially on Pizza and Movie Night: "Can I snuggle with you?"

Maggie commenting to Chris after leaving her 4K program: "Those high school girls are always typing on their phones."

Riley to Chris on his birthday about going to eat at Lupie's: "This place is really old!!"

Maggie when she finds a song that she likes on the radio: "Yeah, that's my style!!"

Riley after seeing a lady at McDonald's in a wheelchair: "Dear God, please help heal her body. Amen."

Maggie to me after hearing my voice become raspy from a cold: "Your voice is cricked (crooked)."

Riley to Chris and I after watching BattleBots and having an extreme robot fascination begin to blossom: "You guys got any extra metal around the house? I need it for my robot I'm going to build."

Maggie whenever she gets a boo-boo: "Look, I'm blooding."

Maggie whenever she passes by Shrimp Boat restaurant on the way to school: (in a sing-song voice) "If you give me some shrimp, I'll give some to yooouuu."

Riley: "When I'm in college, I'll text y'all guys and say let's have some Grown Up time and have lunch and I miss you and love you."
Maggie without missing a beat: "Yeah and I'll get my phone and say 'Navigate Home.'"

That's right kids! You better text us and tell us you love us and navigate your way home pretty often for some "Grown Up" time because I can't believe how fast these years are flying by and before we know it you'll both be off to college. You guys are really special and you sure do bring a lot of joy into our lives! Just reading these again makes me laugh out loud! Love you guys!!

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