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Saturday, November 26, 2016

6 Months in about 60 Pics and less than 600 words

 Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but I have slacked off from my usual once-a-month blogging so much that I have from June to November to catch up on. It's a little overwhelming, so I decided just to post my favorite pics from these past 6 months with just a few quick blurbs. I'll resolve to be more detailed in our next blog book. But for's a speedy summary:

Dad knows how to make us laugh and loves to bring out our silly sides!

 Mom loved planning some summer activities to do that were just for fun like squirt gun wars and water balloon fights.

 Dad surprised Mom with a new bike for our 11th anniversary to let her know that she's "steel" the one for him! How sweet!
 We celebrated 4th of July with our QCP peeps who have relocated to Laurel Creek. The Collins family moved across the street from the Davis'.

 We set off for our annual trek to Camp Nan and Pap for a Dragons and Unicorns themed adventure. The parents went back to Brown County to stay in Almost Heaven. Good times were had by all!

 We celebrated Daddy's birthday by eating at his favorite restaurant-Lupie's.

Maggie started her 4K program at Fort Mill High School while Riley began his second year in the Spanish Immersion program at Richmond Drive as a 1st grader. 

 We're so excited to have Mrs. Belue as Maggie's teacher and Maestra Yahaira and Mrs. Futrelle as Riley's teachers.

 I got to set up my new classroom this summer. It was quite an undertaking, but I was excited to offer new seating arrangements and light covers as part of some Donors Choose grants that many of my friends and family helped fund.

 Riley joined Cub Scouts at Oakland Baptist (Pack 33) and was able to attend his very first Gold Rush Camping Event on Oct. 28th-29th.

 Maggie teamed up with her high school helper and researched and presented a PowerPoint and poster about her hibernating animal-a gopher. She was confident and poised.

 We had a great time at the Clover Fall Festival and were thankful that Nan and Pap got to attend with us!

Riley participated in his second Tiger Trot and this year, Dad got to run a few laps with him as well. 

We had a "SUPER" time dressing up like Batman, Batgirl, WonderWoman and Flash for Halloween this year. 

We had to say goodbye to our dear Irving on November 5th of this year. He was a loyal and loving pet and we will miss him very much!

 Krispy Kreme rewarded the kids for waiting in line as Daddy and I voted in this year's election. While the candidates (Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) did not leave much to be desired, I think it's a landslide victory that we've had another great year go down in the books!

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