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Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Fun

Here are some quick antidotes from Febrary:

  • No wonder Jesus said that we have to have faith like a child. The kids' prayers are melting my heart and I'm sure they do His as well. Maggie started out the other night like this: "Do you know what God? I love you!!" And Riley prayed this: "Thank you for the plants and flowers that grow up. Help everyone to be healthy and kind like You. Thanks for all the people who work in our community. And thanks for this food. Amen." 
  • Now shortly after we sit down to dinner, Riley will stand right back up and excuse himself to go to the bathroom. It's almost clockwork. It's like the first time his little body fully relaxes and the urge to go number two strikes. Luckily for Chris and I, one of us still gets the pleasure of wiping his little bum. 
  • Riley's vocabulary skills are continuing to make vast advancements! He made the comment to Chris the other day: "I think we're having the same issue. We're both sneezing a lot and have a cold." Then later that week he repeated what I had told him about not scratching his scab to Chris because "it would start the healing process over again." Then he was explaining on another occasion to us that "monsters aren't real unless your using a hologram. Holograms are made of our "screen holes". They look real, but they're not." Not sure about the accuracy of this last statement, but the creativity is definitely there! 
  • On weekends Chris and I like to take turns sleeping in (I tend to take more turns than he does). But this particular Sunday, Chris slept in pretty late. Maggie noticed it and as he came downstairs she greeted him with, "Dad-you were a sleepy bird!!"
  • Maggie's new favorite TV show is "PJ Masks" in which 3 kids turn into animal characters with special super powers. Randomly throughout the day, I'll hear her yell out, "Super Cat Speed." The other day though she offered to help Riley open a twist-off toy with her "Super Gecko Muscles." And sure enough that little tyke did it on her first try!! 
  • Another crazy saying that Maggie has picked up from that same show is something to the effect of "Lizzering Feathers." Not sure quite what that's supposed to mean, but Maggie uses it quite frequently! 
  • We just got done completing a month-long character building unit on Love and Service. I incorporated the theme of ninjas and secret agent spies to add to the excitement. The kids would have "missions" to complete each day that would build their hearts (through Upward devotion to God), their minds (through Inward tasks like memorizing verses or completing puzzles or secret codes), and their bodies (through Outward acts of service and strength training exercises like Ninja obstacle courses). It was a lot of fun! 

  • Also in February, we decided to start a tradition of leaving love notes on the kids' doors each night from February 1 through Valentine's Day. Chris and I both wrote specific things that we appreciate and admire about our little ones. It was definitely a highlight for all of us each morning to read these notes and start the day in such a positive way. And I absolutely loved it when the kids wanted to start writing their own secret notes to us. Riley's note to me says: "To Mom, I love haw you love Maggie it is so cut (cute) haw Maggie love you to it is so cute win you love ech (each) uther Love Riley I love you Mom" Riley's note to Chris said: "To Dad. Dad I love haw you love mom you love nachr (nature) I love you dad. win you make me laf you make me hape (happy) so I love you win you mak me hape I shr (sure) love you You are my favret Dad Love you Dad". I mean, my goodness, it makes me want to write notes all year long! And maybe we just will! 

  • I overheard the sweetest conversation the other day. Riley and Maggie were arguing over who loves the other more. Maggie began with, "I love you all the way up to heaven," Riley replied, "Well, I love you all the way up Mars and back because I love you so much. Isn't that a lot?" 
  • Chris was about to head out for a run and stopped by to tell the kids goodbye before he left. Maggie made the remark, "I like that green running shirt." Chris said, "Thanks." Maggie asked, "Where'd you get it?"" To which Chris replied, "I think Target." Without missing a beat, Maggie says, "Ooohh, I'm impressed." What??? Where does this kid get this stuff?? :)
  • Riley has been participating in a basketball clinic on Tuesday nights during the months of January and February and on his next to last practice he had an exciting event occur: He lost his front tooth. It literally fell in his lap as I was driving him to practice which shows you how loose it was. Riley was just (if not more) excited about the miniature mouthwash and toothpaste that the Tooth Fairy brought him than he was about the glittery dollar bill. The picture doesn't do it justice. I promise he was really excited that morning and couldn't wait to get to school to show his friends. 
  • I love the plurals that Maggie forms and Riley too sometimes. They both still say "ghost-es" (ghost-tes). And Maggie every so often says she likes the way something "taste-es" (taste-tes). Riley doesn't like to lose at "contest-es" as we have found out both at home and at school.  
  • Speaking of the way things "taste-tes", we delighted our taste buds with all kinds of Valentine sweets and treats at our QCP or should I say GOF (Good 'Ol Friends acronym as Blake so cleverly refers to it) Playdates. These continue to be a weekly highlight for our kids and this month, I thought it'd be fun to do some Valentine-themed snacks. 

  • For Valentine's this year, the kids got quite a few little surprises, as did I (some beautiful tulips from Chris with a smorgasbord of some delicious candy). Chris' gift was themed around the 5 senses: shiny cufflinks to see on his white shirt, trail mix to taste, pretend tickets to a concert that we could hear later that day if we wanted to go, massage oil that he could smell, and toe warmers that he could feel when he starts to experience his icicle toes. Chris surprised us all by making a special heart-themed cinnamon roll breakfast. And then we went to church together, grabbed some subs from Jersey Mike's and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. For dinner, I put together a Fun Fondue Night with a cheese course, meat cooked in broth course, and of course, a chocolate dessert course. Riley's favorite part was getting to eat by candlelight. Maggie's favorite part I think was getting to load up on marshmallows, strawberries, and brownies to dip in chocolate! My favorite part was having my sweet family by my side to share in these special memories!

  • Riley's school has had a lot of neat events this year. One of our personal highlights this year was watching Riley perform as Abraham Lincoln in the Patriotic Program on Friday, February 19th. Riley had to memorize some lines: "I'm Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. I helped give slaves their freedom." In addition to Riley's riveting speech that he delivered with a strong voice and even a nice arm raise flourish at the end, was the awesome costume and stovepipe hat that his teachers let him wear. All of his classmates did an awesome job singing about famous Americans like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln. They did several little rhyming poems and many patriotic tunes including "Star-Spangled Banner," "Grand Old Flag," and "America the Beautiful." It was really amazing to see what these little minds can learn and perform. What I especially appreciated about it is what an appreciation Riley now has for things like saying the pledge of allegiance, thanking veterans who served our country, and noticing symbols of freedom like our flag and the bald eagle. I can't thank his teachers and his school enough for allowing these moments to still be a part of the curriculum!

  •  One of the other festive events at school this month was the Dr.Seuss Week and Book Fair Dress Up Days. On Monday, Riley got to be like Fox in Sox and wear funny socks. On Tuesday, it was Cat in the Hat Day and he chose to wear his Veggie Tales hat. On Wednesday (which was my personal favorite), he got to dress like a little old man and remind everyone that "You're Only Old Once" and also that while we may age, "reading never gets old." On Thursday, the kids dressed like hippies because "Reading is groovy." And on Friday, they got to dress up as their favorite book character and Riley was Alligator Boy. Wish I had gotten a pic of this! He had an alligator foam hat and the dinosaur (or rather alligator) tail that Aunt Brandy made him a few years ago for Christmas. It made each morning even more exciting to get up and get going! 

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