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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Silly Sayings Summary (Part 2)

Here are some humorous anecdotes that I collected from this summer:

  • The other night, Maggie was bouncing off the wall with her endless supply of energy and Chris made two comments: 1) That she was really wound UP and 2) That she was a spark PLUG. A few minutes later, as Maggie is still running around the couch acting crazy, Riley looked up and said, "Yep, she sure is PLUGGED UP!" 
  • Not to be outdone, Maggie has her own confusion over phrases and her newest one happened tonight around dinner time. Chris was on the phone talking to his brother, Tim, and Maggie told her uncle that we were eating ham, mac and cheese, and "muscle sprouts" (aka brussel sprouts). 
  • Brussel sprouts, by the way, still remains Riley's favorite food whenever you ask him. He often says this before he says a cheeseburger from "Old MacDonald's". Maggie has recently decided that she also likes unique vegetables and has fallen in love with "head-amame" (in other words known as edamame)!
  • Maggie likes to race others up or down the stairs, and no matter what direction she always yells: "I'm going to beat you up!" And it always comes across sounding like I'm raising a bully instead of a competitive stair climber! 
  • The other day, we were keeping a dear friend of mine's sweet little one year old girl named Sadie. A few hours after she left to go home, Maggie wanted to know when "Shady" would be coming back! 
  • Riley got his first kiss a few weeks ago when we went to visit Carson and her family down in Charleston. It seems that he impressed Camryn enough to earn him not just a little peck on the cheek, but a bonafide "married kiss"! This is the Walker way of explaining a long kiss that happens between people who are typically wedded to each other. :) Riley had mentioned earlier that day that he no longer wanted to marry Maggie, but thought he should marry Camryn instead. You should have seen the child's eyes when he started launching into his whole spiel about how they are going to have 2 kids and he already has the names all picked out for them. When I suggested that perhaps his future wife might want to have some say in selecting the names, he promptly looked at Camryn and said, "Okay, I'll name the boy and it'll be Carl Reuben Riley Fisher and you can name the girl. Her name will be Maddie, okay?" So much for a demacratic marriage! 
  • The kids had a blast at VBS this year! Our church did an Everest theme and it made my heart swell and my eyes tear up every single day as we gathered at the end our time and the kids were shouting at the top of their lungs about how powerful our God is! Maggie is still singing these songs randomly and it's been almost a month since "Bible Story Camp" (as she so affectionately called it). Today she was singing the song that mimics the Cupid Shuffle. What a great way to teach kids to worship! 
  • I bought the kids some mouthwash for the first time a few weeks ago. And Riley's remark after he tried it for the first time was hilarious. He walked up to Chris and said, "That mouthwash didn't 'spice me out'! I really liked it!"
  • Maggie was holding a toy in her lap the other day and made this comment: "I'm going to give this toy to my babysitter because I'm all grown up now and I'll have a baby when I'm a Mommy, but I don't like babies right now." 
  •  Both kids got to get new shoes at the outlet mall for their back-to-school shopping. Maggie fell in love with the "Twinkle Toes" brand that light up on the top. A few days later, I call the kids down for supper and Maggie says, "I'm not Maggie, I'm Elsa. I mean, I'm Twinkle Toes." And Riley replies, "And my name is Superman Batman Superhero Ninja Blackwidow Police FreezeMan!" 
  • Riley was helping me clean out the toybox yesterday and he found a flag keychain. Without missing a beat, he states, "Oh yeah, this is from the parade that I went to with Grandmama, and Papa, and Maggie, and Daddy." And later when I was telling Chris how he remembers where he got just about every toy, he adds that it's a flag from the "Free From the King and Queen Day". Obviously, Chris had tried to explain the meaning of the 4th of July and that's what stuck in Riley's sweet head! 
  • We are working on new goals for our daily responsibility charts. Both kids have to get dressed, brush their teeth, help with indoor chores (if they do 2, they can earn a piece of candy in addition to a little money), and not say bad words or make gross sounds. We've been having a lot of potty talk lately and belching on purpose. Maggie's bedtime prayer the other night made me laugh out loud: "Dear God, Thank you for the world you made. Thank you for everything you made. And help me not to burp for real."

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