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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Silly Sayings Summary

These sweet kiddos continue to bring a smile to my face with their silly sayings. Here are just a few I collected recently:
  • I love the way that Maggie pronounces some words. For example, instead of piano she calls it a plano. And almost every night, she asks, "Is it gassert night?" which is her word for dessert.
  • She is definitely our clown of the family and like to come up with silly things to say and do. Yesterday as we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some dear friends (Stephanie and Jonathan), Maggie kept insisting that we call it "Monkey Cheese" (kind of like Monkey Joe's and Chuck E. Cheese mixed together).
  • And today after eating lunch, Maggie went to both Chris and I and told us that she was finished because her "tummy is 'screwed up' all the way to the sky." I think that meant she was full, but where she came up with this phrase, I'm afraid I'll never know!
  • Another time when we were eating supper, Maggie points to her head and makes the statement that she has a brain inside there and then points to her thumb and says just as adamantly that she has a brain inside that as well. Hmmm...we may need to review the location of body organs. :-)
  • Riley was telling Chris about our trip to Chuck E. Cheese and made the remark that a lady "gave us a STASH of tickets." I never know what words he's absorbed in his little mind and ready to use.
  • Riley continues to talk about his future kids-Carl Reuben Riley Fisher and Maddie (no middle names) Fisher. The other day as he was telling Chris another story about what he was going to do with Carl and Maddie when they were old enough, he decided that they needed to be twins. So he stopped what he was doing and prayed out loud to God to ask that He make this happen! So who knows, I may very well be a grandmother to twins in the future.
  • One of the unique things about Riley is that when he gets excited telling us a story about something that has happened, he spins around in a circle the entire time he is talking.

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