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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ah-mazing April

Ah...April with its showers, high pollen count, somewhat warmer days, and Spring Break tease that makes you long for summer! We had a great month. Here are just a few of my favorite highlights:
  • So Chris had to do standardized ACT testing recently that lasted about 4 hours on one particular day and he mentioned at the dinner table one night that all he did that day was give a test and walk around in circles make sure the kids were doing their best. Somehow, the kids thought that was hilarious and so every day for the past week now they have asked him, "So was your day? Did you just walk around in circles and just sit there?"
  • Maggie is a Popcorn and Chip-aholic! That girl can smell carbs from a mile away. When Chris comes home from work, he'll often have a quick snack before dinner. Chris has gotten so used to her antics that he said to me the other day, "Tracy, get ready to hear, 'Hey Dad, can I come sit by you?'" She knows that if she can get close enough to sit beside him then she can eventually weasel her way into getting some more snacks (which she herself ate just 30 minutes prior to his arrival home).
  • At dinner a few nights ago I asked Maggie to say grace for us. To which she promptly folded her hands and said "Grace for us!" I said, "Well okaaayyy...can you tell God thank you for something?" And that little stinker being so literal replied back with "Dear God, Thank you for something."
  • Riley is so cute when he gets excited about telling us something. His nervous energy builds up and his outlet is to spin around in a circle while he talks. It is so funny, yet can make us dizzy trying to listen!
  • Our little Snaggletooth has lost both of his bottom teeth now! The first one fell out right after Riley wiggled it one good time (after it had been hanging on by a thread for a few days). The second one, Riley let me pull out for him. It was extremely loose too and I just had to use a little tissue paper to help get a good grip on it. He is so proud of the glittery dollar bills and teeth cleaning supplies (trial size toothpaste and floss picks) that the Tooth Fairy has left him. He also received a certificate and letter from her for his first tooth. Hope the Tooth Fairy remembers to do the same (or somewhat the same thing) for Maggie when her time comes! :) 
  • Maggie was in her room the other day and heard a noise. She asked Chris, "What's that sound?" He responds with it's the fan on the air conditioner. Not missing a beat she makes the remark, "Well it smells like chicken." Huh? What? Such a random comment! I promise our A/C doesn't smell like poultry!
  • A few weeks ago, we went over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Joel's 25th birthday and spent both Friday and Saturday night. Friday morning, Riley woke up and asked, "Is it Grandma day?" Yes, we told him. Then he proceeded to tell Chris, "Well, Grandmama and Papa usually let us stay up late and play with toys. So we may do that again if y'all don't mind. And we also eat lots of corndogs." Love that he has such special memories with both sets of grandparents!
  • Chris ran another half marathon on April 18th that was part of the Come See Me festival. Riley and Maggie and I went to cheer him on with posters. As we were waiting for Chris to pass by, we cheered the other runners on with encouraging comments like "Way to go! Good job! Keep it up!" Maggie latched on to the last phrase but got it a little confused and kept shouting out, "Keep it down! Keep it down!"
  • We took the kids to Waffle House for breakfast that particular weekend. We haven't gone there very often and Riley fell in love with their lemonade (of all things!). He kept saying, "This lemonade is better than a slice of cake!!"
  • The other night we were talking to Riley about something and he responded with, "I'm just make sure-ing"  

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