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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fun in February

 Check out the sweet Valentine cards that Riley made for Chris and me this year! So precious!

For Valentine's Day this year the kids each celebrated with a party at preschool. I got to help in Riley's class again this time. Parents brought in food for a Sweetheart Breakfast (heart-shaped pink pancakes and bacon, heart cinnamon rolls, strawberries, sausage) and we played several games in rotating stations (like Musical Hearts where the kids had to walk on hearts on the floor and do the activity listed when the music stopped, Heart Cup Relay, Cupid's Arrow Practice which required shooting Q-tips through straws at cut-out hearts, candy heart pattern practice sheets, heart hopscotch, and a candy heart dice rolling game).  On actual Valentine's Day, the kids opened their little treats and cards from Mom and Dad. Other highlights included getting to go to Target to pick out a toy and getting to eat at McDonald's courtesy of the Valentine gifts from grandparents. Later that day, we went over to the Davis' house for a QCP gathering. The kids had a blast playing, decorating Valentine boxes and doing a few other crafts planned by our sweet friend, Alice. We ate a delicious Chicken Bog dinner together and munched on lots of sweet treats!

Winter weather in the South is always a big production at the first falling of a few flakes. This month we had our first flurries, some extremely cold temperatures, a little ice, and 2 separate days of snowfall with less than an inch accumulation. Preschool was cancelled for the entire week following President's Day holiday because of these crazy weather situations and Chris got to enjoy several delays and 2 surprise days off from school. The kids didn't really get to go sledding or make snow angels or snow icecream like I was hoping, but we did manage to at least make a miniature "Olaf" (snowman from Frozen).

And here is this month's round-up of Funny February sayings/antics:
  • While watching Chris get ready one morning, Riley inquired, "Daddy, is this your Yoda?" (pointing to the deodorant). And then later, he put on Chris' shoes and was walking around. Chris cautioned him to be careful. To which Riley replied, "I know. I'll be careful. I don't want to get splinters." We think he meant blisters because he wasn't wearing any socks. 
  • Meanwhile, Maggie is obsessed with watching me floss in the mornings. I use little floss pics and one night Maggie had some chicken stuck between her bottom two teeth, so I took her upstairs and used one on her. Now every time she sees me using one, she makes the claim: "I've got chicken in my teeth" and asks to use one on herself!
  • Maggie's new phrase for the month has been: "Otherwise." And she just randomly tacks it on to the ends of her conversations. She'll be telling you about her day at school and then just end with this word that she stretches out the ending to. She has also been saying, "Aw, buddy" every so often to Riley and Irving as well.
  • I love that Maggie is fully potty-trained (even at night). She still needs help being wiped though (which I'll take any day over having to change a messy diaper). The other day Chris was helping her with this process and she told him, "Hold your nose up" (implying that it was pretty stinky in the bathroom). 
  • Riley has taken an interest in Spanish lately and likes to say, "Adios, amigo." His Spanish hello is what cracks me up though. Instead of "hola" (with the long o sound), he says "oola" (with the oo sound as in school). 
  • Maggie has been working hard to learn the months of the year song at school and now she can't stop singing it. It is a Dr. Jean song that is put to the motions of the Macarena. We love watching her perform it for us and especially get tickled at her pronunciation of February ("Every-wherey") and September ("Atember"). 
  • This isn't the only song that Maggie goes around belting out though. We're on our 4th or 5th month straight of hearing the infamous song lyrics from the Frozen movie called "Let It Go". This sweet girl loves to sing along with the Elsa doll she got for Christmas or belt it out acapella whenever the mood strikes (and believe me, it strikes OFTEN!) :) 
  • Riley shocked me a week or so ago when I was trying to find some new numbers to put up on the Learning Board for him to focus on. We'd been working on mostly numbers in the 20's and 30's, and had talked about a few other numbers here and there. However, when I went through the most of the deck of number cards from 0-100, he only got stumped on a few: 90 (he called nine-zero), 87, and 45. I couldn't believe he was able to read so many other numbers.

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