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Friday, January 9, 2015

Funny Sayings and Happenings from the Last Few Months

So, I've been busy (aka slack) and haven't compiled any blog posts since October about some of our memorable family moments so this one is going to be a little lengthy. Here we go:

  • Riley got into a crazy habit for about a month of calling his bottom, his "kiester". I'm not exactly sure where this new vocabulary word came from but he cracked up laughing every time he used it and believe me, he was inventing all kinds of ways to use it for quite some time. 
  • Speaking of cracking up, Riley gets this phrase a little confused sometimes and the other day I heard him make the comment, "This puzzle piece is cracking me out!"
  • Chris came downstairs after changing clothes from running and Maggie looks at him and says, "You're wearing that AGAIN!" She remembered the blue CATS shirt that Chris had worn yesterday. Better watch out, we have the fashion police in our house!
  • Maggie is the Queen of Excuses! We ask her to sit down in her chair and not stand on it and she replies without skipping a beat, "I can't my feet are hurting."
  • She is also "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". The other day as we were changing into pajamas, I said something about taking off her pants and she said, "Actually, I can leave my panties on."
  • As I was cleaning the dining room table a few weeks ago, I discovered a few lumps in the tablecloth runner that decorates the middle of our table. Upon further investigation, I find 3 "Maggie forks" hidden under the cloth.  
  • I love listening to my kids' prayers that they say that are ones they make up completely on their own. Back in November, Maggie said a prayer that went something like this: "Dear God, Thank you for the food you made, the popcorn you made, the chocolate chips you made, the marshmallows you made, the chairs, Nanny and's dark outside. Amen" Gotta love her train of thought!
  • So I made a point in one of my music lessons about how we need to be careful about the words we say because they can break other people's hearts if we aren't careful. I demonstrated this using a paper cut out of heart and tore pieces of the heart each time I said something that was unkind. Well the object lesson certainly was powerful because now whenever Chris or I correct one of the kids or tell them they have a consequence due to their misbehavior, both kids cry out, "You broke my heart!!" Not quite the application I was hoping for, but at least I know they were listening! :)
  • Maggie has invented her own adjective now that just may catch on. Instead of saying something is cute and large, she says, "That is CUGE!" (as in a combination of cute and huge). 
  • A precious moment Chris relayed to me is that when leaving to go to work or when tucking Maggie into bed some nights, in response to him telling her that he loves her she'll say, "You're in my heart forever!".
  • Riley's math skills are growing in ways I don't even realize. One night at dinner, he made the observation that the boys were sitting on one side of the table and the girls were sitting on the other side of the table and "our family is split in half." 
  • A few more Maggie-isms we've heard lately are: "I got an idea." "I got a mission." (She probably got this one from Riley and watching too many episodes of Little Einsteins). "I can't believe that!" "I'm not talking about that one." "I can't think about it" (instead of I can't remember something).
  • Riley has been using words like complicated and distracted in the right context lately. That's pretty amazing how fast he can apply new words that he's learning.
  • Of course, it's the verb tenses that trip him up. I love it though. New Year's Day when Chris and I were catching a few extra ZZZ's, Riley decided to take care of breakfast by himself. He was so excited to tell us a few minutes later when we came down his accomplishment. "Mom-we creep-ted downstairs, made our bananas and bars." 
  • Maggie's mistakes are more in pronunciation and luckily for her, Riley has decided to be her personal speech coach. He corrects just about every other word out of her mouth (or at least it feels that way). He hasn't had a chance to fix this one error yet though: We've been using a consequence system where if Riley hurts his sister, he has to go to time out and it counts as strike. After 3 strikes, he doesn't get to watch any TV shows that day. So Maggie decided to get in on the action of disciplining him and wanted us to know this-"Riley told me 'no'. That's 2 STRIPES." 
Love these "cuge" moments in life!

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