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Friday, October 3, 2014

Johnny's Biggest Fan and It's a Pirate's Life for Us

 Riley LOVES celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday each year on September 26th. This year, we ate apples dipped in caramel and later cinnamon applesauce, watched the Disney YouTube video of his life, created our first Bitty Book about how apples grow, and made a construction paper portrait of Johnny's "exact" likeness! :) And I took the annual picture of Riley with a pot on his head and an apple in his hand. However, something is wrong with this one picture and it will not let me rotate it correctly, so I had to leave it in sideways. Oh's still a cute one! 

 My little Riley boy has such a sweet heart! Here he is with his second scavenger hunt that he planned and executed completely on his own (he did one for me yesterday as well).  He gives me "clues" numbered 1-5 and tells me to go check different places (like the pantry, inside the microwave, upstairs in the office, or under the couch) and then on the 5th place, he hides a handmade card. This is a picture of me at the beach with a hat on my head and if you look closely, you can see that he has written "I Love You" (it's a little out of order, but it still warms my heart to the very core!). What a darling!
 Speaking of love, here is a picture of our 9 Family Ways to Show Love wall decor that I made with scrapbook paper. We are focusing on one way each month and discussing it and really trying hard to implement it as much as possible. These kind of correspond with the Monthly Memory Verses and Character Traits that we are trying to focus on as well (See the Family Activity Map image below). The Learning Board (from the previous post) has helped me organize these different initiatives and lunchtime has given me a time to talk about them in more detail.
 On September 19th, we went to Krispy Kreme for our annual "Talk Like a Pirate Day" free donuts. We dressed like pirates to get 3 dozen doughnuts and because we didn't need that many calories, we made a stop by the fire department and dropped off 2 dozen there. This year, I made a point to talk to Riley about how courageous firefighters are and to make sure to thank them for risking their lives to keep us safe. Then we dropped off the remaining doughnuts to the teachers and helpers at Riley and Maggie's preschool. Riley stayed for preschool and Maggie and I went to the Y to try and work off some of the extra sugar we had ingested!
 We've gotta get a better camera or a better photographer! Hmm..that would be me! Oh well, here's a somewhat blurry picture of Riley in the fire truck. Maggie got a chance to sit up there too, but the batteries died in my camera before I could snap the shot.

And finally, here is this month's compilation of humorous sayings:

  • Maggie and Riley both love to have their gummy vitamins each day. However, Maggie is on the verge of being obsessed with them! She literally will ask 15 times a day (no joke) if she can have another vitamin. She phrases it like this, "Mom, I had a vitamin this week?" (which really means, have I already had a vitamin today, and if so, don't you want to give me another one!)
  • We recently had an infestation of flies in our house I am ashamed to admit. Somehow, we started with one or two and I think we didn't kill them before they multiplied. So one day, I went on a mad fly swatting spree. And Riley would say, "Mom, you smashed out their gutters." I think he meant guts! :) Later on, we saw another fly and Riley made the comment, "That fly is really bugging me out!"
  • While playing baseball in the front yard, Riley hit the ball really far and remarked, "I'm a slug!" Again, he was really close with his words, but I'm pretty sure he meant to say he's a slugger!
  • Maggie has cute little slip-ups as well. She likes trying on Riley's shin guards that he has for soccer and says, "I need that shin garden." 
  • One of Maggie's most endearing phrases lately has been that she will come up to us 3 or 4 times a day and say, "I gotta tell you a secret--(then she'll whisper in your ear somewhat quietly)--I love you forever and ever."
  • Riley really surprised his teachers the other day when they were doing Calendar Time and his teacher asked them to describe the current weather conditions. The kids said it was cloudy and Riley clarified with a new word that his dad had recently taught him and said, "Those are ominous clouds." A kid in Riley's class didn't think that was a real word and Riley set him straight by saying, "Yes it is, it means dark and scary." 
  • We love hearing the kids pray! Maggie's prayer the other day went like this: "Dear God, Thank you for the blessings you made. Thank you for the supper you made. And Amen!" 
  • Riley and Daddy have been watching a lot of football together on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Riley is learning all about penalties, tackles, offensive, and defense. And he's even learning some of the team names...well, kind of anyway! He likes the Baltimore Raisins (Ravens), but the Sir Purr team is by far his favorite NFL team (Carolina Panthers).
  • Riley saw a candy corn the other day and said, "Look, it's a Candy Crush Mountain." This might have been because his mom was playing that game a little too frequently there for awhile
  • Chris was telling Riley how people sometimes call him Fish as a nickname and Riley decided that he now wants to be called Fish Junior by his friends! 

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