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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

I am so thankful for the variety of seasons and the beautiful things that fall has to offer...cooler weather, gorgeous leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, and of course football, festivals, and foods like chili, buffalo chicken dip, and apple doughnuts! 
 The kids created a "Leaf Man" activity after collecting lots of leaves from the park a few weeks ago. Maggie's favorite part of any craft is using the glue! :)
 Last weekend, we went to Black's Fall Festival in York, SC with the Cason Crew. It was an extremely sunny day and the kids had a blast running around to all the different activities-hay bale maze, corn maze, 3 Little Pigs house, hay bale swings, sunflower garden, cow-milking simulation, animal gazing (no touching of the horse, goat, chickens, and cow this time), and of course the ever-famous hay ride! Here are some moments caught on film. (I guess you can't really use this expression any more if everything is digital now, huh?)

 Love this one of Riley! Shhh...don't tell anyone that they were plucking the petals of the sunflowers! 

 Almost got a smile from everyone in this family pic! :)
              Love this one of our little Maggie Pie!

 These kids are growing up so quickly! S . l . o . w .   d . o . w. ntime.  ! 
Here's this month's round-up of precious moments:

  • Maggie has gotten into the habit of saying pumpkin twice whenever she sees one. For example, she'll say, "There's a pumpkin, pumpkin!" but it's more pronounced like 'pon-kin, pon-kin'.
  • While checking out Chris' iPad, she noticed some icons at the top of the screen and said, "I want to touch the Cloud" which made perfect sense. Then upon seeing a plus sign to indicate a New Tab, Maggie stated, "I want to touch the church." Love that she made that connection even if it wasn't an exact symbol of a cross. 
  • Bedtime traditions have always been a part of our family routine at night and Maggie has definitely added her own unique twist to the way she prefers for her order of events to go. Here's a recap of what happens on most nights-She picks a book (more about that in a bit); we read her a book and Riley a book on the couch in Riley's room, then Maggie gives kisses (sometimes on a cheek to Daddy and Riley, but often on their leg, arm, or shoulder); next she and I go rock in her room while I sing her song (she requests "Jesus Loves Me" every single night); after that, I lay her in bed and she wants me to sing "Go To Sleep" to her which is a song I created when Riley was a baby; then we have to say prayers; and finally I have to hold her hand for a minute. As I walk out the door, she always has one more request--that I come pat her back. Once finished with that, she settles right down and we usually don't hear anything else from her (unless of course, she's not tired and in which case she'll start singing and talking to herself). Riley's routine is much less complex now: book, "Go To Sleep" song, prayer, kiss. That's it! Dad however, likes to spice up the "Go To Sleep" song with ad-lib verses to which Riley always replies, "Daaaddd, just do it the regular way" (but I think there's a side of him that secretly enjoys these funny lyrics). :) Both routines are very special and even though I'm bone-tired most nights by this time, it's still a beautiful time to slow down and spend a few minutes holding, cuddling, and connecting!
  • Riley has a new favorite show that he discovered (with Chris' help) and has absolutely become enthralled with every episode. It's called "How It's Made" and it features 3 or 4 different objects on each show and gives a behind-the-scenes look at how they were created. Riley loves to watch this show while he eats his dessert (right now we have certain "dessert nights" on Mondays and Wednesdays and usually Saturdays too). 
  • Maggie's favorite book right now is "Going On A Bear Hunt" and she can almost repeat every line with just a little prompt from us. I think the love for this book was inspired by her Nan and Pappy at camp this summer! Her absolute favorite page is when the family goes through the forest and the page that describes the action says, "Stumble, trip! Stumble, trip! Stumble, trip!" In fact, this is what she refers to the title of the book as! 
  • One of the songs that we have caught Maggie singing aloud to herself randomly is "Jesus Loves the Little Muskrats"! The "Jesus Loves the Little Children" song influence may come from me, but the "muskrats" reference is all Chris! :) 
  • Maggie's verbal skills continue to develop in leaps and bounds. Today she said to Chris as they were discussing what we were having for supper, "Actually, we're going to have breakfast." And she doesn't like to feel ignored in the slightest and is often heard saying, "Dad (or Mom, or Riley), answer me!" Occassionally, she will forget something though and instead of saying "I can't remember", she says, "I can't think about it." 
  • Riley has changed his mind about a dozen times now about what he wants to be for Halloween. I think we have finally decided on a Clemson football player and today as we were trying to concoct some homemade version of pads to use under his jersey, Riley kept getting tickled at how the neck pillow we were using kept getting stuck and we'd have to readjust it several times. I absolutely LOVE hearing that kid's laugh! It makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it. 
  • Riley has been learning about Fire Prevention earlier this month at school and he came home all excited about testing our fire "protectors" (aka detectors) and coming up with our Escape Plan where we'd meet at a designated spot like the mailbox if there were ever a fire in our house. Riley added to it and said, "I'll go next door to Mr. Dennis' and call 9-1-1, "but wait, I don't have a cell phone!"
  • Riley showed such tender care for his sister the other night. For whatever reason, he decided that Maggie needed to have a nightlight in her room like he has in his room. So he gave up one of his beloved mini-flashlights and put it standing up on her dresser so that it shined on the ceiling to create a light for her. It was so sweet!!
  • Maggie made my heart melt the other night too. As we were finishing up her prayers, she ended it with "Bye, Jesus!" I'm pretty sure it warmed Jesus' heart as well! 

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