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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sweet Summer Reflections

We are just a few days away from Chris starting back to school. I secretly am breathing a big sigh of relief that I'm blessed with another year of staying at home and am trying not to rub it in that the kids and I still have until September 2nd before we have to start our official "school" schedule. What a busy summer we have had and so many exciting family moments.

I created a Fisher Family Summer Bucket List and the kids and I have enjoyed checking off quite a few of them. We've done everything from building a fort (thanks to a cool birthday gift from the Collins family), to collecting items for a nature bracelet (see picture below...that was taken minutes before Maggie brought out in an allergic rash...whoops gotta cross that one off the list permanently).

We created our own "water" slides and sidewalk paint. Other items from our list included cloud watching, attending VBS at church, having our 1st pajama raid with Grandmama to Krispy Kreme, going on a treasure hunt, making s'mores, going to the $1 movies, visiting the Children's Museum, and attending Camp Nan and Pap. I don't have any pictures to share of this year's camp unfortunately because I our camera has been acting up. But the kids had an awesome time with the Rock Star theme that Nan and Pappy created. They painted pet rocks, made a rock garden, decorated initial magnets with gem-like rocks, played all kinds of instruments in their rock band, and got some really cool t-shirts too! The adults had a great time ourselves at our cabin on Lake Lemmon (despite getting a bad case or two of swimmer's itch from the shallow water). We went out on kayaks, ate pork tenderloin sandwiches from a close by little bar/restaurant, and generally just relaxed together.

For 4th of July, we celebrated with the Cason clan down the street. The kids had a grand 'ol time shooting off and watching fireworks together.
 My personal favorite from my childhood and Riley's too were the "Cobra" snakes (see picture). Chris loved the SnapPops. Maggie got a kick out of the sparklers and smoke bombs that changed colors.

 The next day was my birthday and I got the absolute best card from Riley. It was homemade and with dad's help spelled out Happy Birthday and his name. My favorite part is that he wanted to include fruit inside the card. Not sure what inspired this unique gift idea, but I loved it! I especially loved how enthusiastic he was about giving it to me and remarking "I just know Mom will love some grapes and strawberries!"

 I love these 2 pictures!! Maggie is wearing goggles and playing on her phone. That girl loves to pretend and talk and push buttons so this is right up her alley! And Riley is "reading" his magazine which is really a toy catalog and the boy has basically poured over every page for literally hours this summer! He loves to tell you a few things he really likes for his "next birthday", but mostly he just loves to look at all the pictures!
Chris and I were able to fly up to Massachusetts to attend Marc and Krista's wedding in mid-July. Chris was in the wedding, so it was pretty important that he be there. Mom and Dad kept Riley and Maggie for us and they never even missed us for a minute. We arrived Thursday with Kevin Davis and were able to hang out with Marc and Krista and check out a few local bars that night. The rehearsal was at Look Park (where the outdoor wedding was to be held the following day at 3:23 pm) and a nice dinner was held at a brewery and restaurant not far away. The wedding and reception were absolutely amazing! So much thought and detail went into every decision and my personal favorite moments were listening to the junior bridesmaids recite the love passage from 1 Corinthians 13 and later hearing all 3 adult groomsmen give their toasts/speeches. It was a weekend to remember--that's for sure! 

 On Saturday, July 19th, we had a Taylor(Fisher) Fun Day at Carowinds in part to celebrate and be with Edward, Amanda, Tripp, and Liam for a special event before they moved to Seattle in August. This was Riley and Maggie's first time at the amusement park and it was a hit to say the least! Riley was able to ride a few more rides than Maggie because of his age and height, but she still had a great time. Here are just a few of our highlights:

 (Liam and Riley had just as much fun playing with the bark on this tree as they did riding roller coasters together!)

 (Maggie is thinking, "Hmm...that's a long way down! I better hold on tight!")
 (Love these facial expressions!)

 (Isn't this just such a precious picture of Tripp and Riley?!)

 (We were able to fit in a quick visit to Dinosaurs Alive exhibit where Riley and Maggie both enjoyed pushing the buttons on certain dinos to make them roar and move.)
 (Kelly and Joel were troopers too-helping out with kids in between trying to catch a few rides of their own.)

Another special event this July was the opportunity to go to the beach with some of our best buds!! Alice's parents allowed us to use their beach house in Ocean Isle and theQCP gang was reunited for almost a week! With 10 kids and 8 adults, there was never a dull moment! I loved that we cooked dinners together (yummy Low Country Boil, Ya-Ya's lasagna, pulled pork) and that we were often on the beach or swimming in the pool by 8:30 in the morning! Playing Cards Against Humanity, going to the Silver Coast winery, letting the boys play golf, and having group bedtime stories were some memorable moments as well.  
 Here are a few odds and ends from our summer--a painting made solely from items we found outside (and a little Elmer's glue!), one of our favorite parks (Mr. Dennis'), teddy bears tanning on the "beach" snack (it was supposed to be blue Jello pudding under the crushed Nilla wafers, but we didn't have any food coloring), and helping dad replace fence posts (an annual event that is not one that Chris is really thrilled to have to do, but he's got a great little helper!). 

 And to wrap it up--some "gotta blog about THAT" moments:

  • Riley got to have his very own cup of Sprite the other day at the restaurant and he made this vivid comparison--"This tastes just like cooked water!" I think the bubbles tickle his throat.
  • A few weeks ago, we were eating dinner and Riley gave me the most touching compliment--"Mom, I really love this chewy, greasy, steak you cooked for me!" Ha! Better work on my culinary skills!
  • He is still somewhat of an adventurous eater in that he loves cucumbers, will try artichokes, enjoys yogurt with "crunchy things" (aka Grape Nuts cereal sprinkled on top), and eats all kinds of fruit including kiwi, plums, peaches, and as he calls it "pine-aloupe" (better known as pineapple). His number one favorite food right now though is cheeseburgers hands down though and there's nothing too healthy or adventurous much about those, but he will eat them up in no time!  
  • Maggie is obsessed with the show "Bo on the Go" that we found on Netflix Kids. It's the only exercise show that asks kids to move while they watch it that I know of, so I'm a pretty big fan of it too. The episodes are similar in nature and repeat a lot of the same phrases and needless to say, Maggie has just about all of them memorized. I could tell we might have a little bit of a problem, when I was helping Maggie down from the pirate ship playground at the beach and she turned to me and said, "Thanks, Bo Bud!" She also likes to run fast and run slow and say "Maximum Bo Power!" 
  • Another slight obsession that Maggie has is that she loves to ride in Daddy's truck and asks for it often. Then as soon as we are seated, she immediately requests "The Spooky Song" which is a Frank Zappa tune that she and Riley both love. They also can recognize the marimba solos which makes Chris quite proud. 
  • The other day Chris and Riley were on the couch watching a show or a movie (I forget which) and Maggie walks by and gets all upset as she very clearly remarks, "Awww, I want to snuggle!!"
  • About 10 times a day, we hear Maggie break out into song and 9 times out of 10 the song is Jesus Loves Me which is really quite heartwarming. I especially love the part where she holds on to the note for an extra long time as she belts out "YYYEEEESSSS, Jesus loves me. YYYYEEEESSSS, Jesus loves me." 
  •  She has us cracking up more and more everyday even when we really shouldn't be smiling. Like today when she said to me "I told you" to put it there (in reference to her cup on the edge of the table!).  One final Maggie saying is that we were in the car recently and not sure what we were talking about but Maggie made the comment that someone was a "silly goat!!" Gotta love that girl!

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