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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train for a Double Dino-Mite Prehistoric Party

On Saturday, May 24th we had our first combined birthday party celebration for Riley and Maggie. Since Riley is all into dinosaurs now and Maggie really does love trains, what better theme than to throw a Dinosaur Train party (from the popular PBS TV show). The menu was pretty easy with a carnivore fueling station of dinosaur chicken nuggets, meatballs, and mini corn dogs, an herbivore fueling station with a veggie tray and a 2 different fruit displays (the one in the back is supposed to be a dinosaur made out of honey dew with pineapple spikes on his back and the watermelon carving was an attempt to make a prehistoric creature of some kind), Bugles were our dinosaur "claws", Jersey Mike's helped us create the Dinosaur "Train" sub, and for our sweet tooth, we had dinosaur "bones" (pretzels with marshmallows on the end dipped in white chocolate), "fossil" cookies, and malted T-Rex eggs. But the star of the show was the volcano cake that Grandmama created for us! It was a delicious chocolate pound cake with raspberry filling, complete with coconut "grass". I had a lot of extra hands helping me prepare and get each item so it made the task so much easier.

I love looking back at the photos from each year and different birthday messages left in the kids' books. Uncle Funkle and Awesome Uncle Edward never disappoint with their candid humor and wit!

I only planned a few activities for the party. One was a Dinosaur Egg hunt that was really just an Easter Egg hunt renamed. And the other was two give each child a brown "rock" and a green "rock" and have them figure out a way to get to the prize inside. The brown rock made from coffee grounds, flour, sand, and water had to be broken apart and the green rock made with baking soda, food coloring, and water could be dissolved with vinegar. Both rocks contained small plastic dinosaurs. The kids seemed to enjoy it, but did end up with pretty dirty hands.
After we cleaned hands, we went in to eat, sing "Happy Birthday", and then open gifts. And boy did we have a lot to open! The kids were so blessed to have so many people loving on them!

We finished up the day with some more outside play and the girl "conductors" and boy "dinosaurs" went merrily on their way!

Many thanks to the Cason family for letting us have this free personalized birthday yard sign 1 day rental that they won in an auction. It was a little over the top, but the price was right! :)

Riley Roo--You have such a love for learning, fixing things, and imaginative play right now! Your sweet, kind heart brings a smile to my face every time I see you give your sister a kiss on the head or say, "Come on, Mags, let's go play!" I love that you still like to cuddle on the couch and ask me to hold your "whole body" and "rock, rock" you. I know you're growing up at a rapid rate and I cherish these little boy days more than you'll ever know. I'm super excited about being able to stay home with you another year or two and know that we'll have even more precious family memories to come. May you always know deep down in your heart how greatly you are loved by Dad and I and most importantly, by your Heavenly Father.

Maggie Moo--The way your eyes twinkle and those dimples appear makes me want to eat you up with a spoon! That's a southern expression for saying how much I adore your playful personality that is almost always full of joy! You definitely are becoming more independent and figuring out that you have your own voice and mind to think for yourself which is something I don't ever want to discourage. Just remember that while you think you may have it all figured out already, your parents still may be able to teach you a thing or two! :) Your empathetic little spirit that is always checking to make sure everyone is "okay" is a gift that others will always appreciate about you as well. My prayer is that you'll continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge and that your confidence will come from the Lord.

You two are a delight to me! It is a privilege to be your mom and to join you in this beautiful journey of life together! May this coming year bring us even closer together as a family!

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