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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Little Love Bugs

 Aren't these two little loves just precious?? I love these smiles and sibling side hugs!
 And look how much they've changed in just one year? Amazing!
 So, we made Valentines for each other and we also mailed a few to some church and family members.

 Two weeks after our Winter Storm 2013 that I blogged about, we got an actual real snowfall of 5-7 inches. Riley went out sledding in this outfit above and had a great time! And school was closed Wednesday-Friday. Friday happened to be Valentine's Day, so we celebrated with some small gifts (see pictures below) and by the 3rd day of being "snowed in", the kids and I were ready for some fun. So I found a few cute ideas online and we invited Callie over to join us. We "painted" cotton balls and then baked and smashed them. Then we played tossed pom poms through heart-shaped holes hanging from the doorways, hopped along with Heart Hop Scotch, did a heart/cup relay game, rolled the dice for a heart candy trading game, stacked the heart candies into tall towers, and danced around and followed crazy directions while we played Musical Hearts.

 I added some "heart"-felt love and craziness to our lunch plates today.

 Here are the boys shoveling the snow off the steps. Or as Riley put it, he was "getting the snow on the road". Always the big helper!!

 Maggie is double-fisting it here with one of our favorite snacks--"yogurt and crunchy things". She also really loves applesauce too!

And here are the latest highlights in our family this month:

  • Riley is super sensitive to smells, especially for foods he doesn't like. We often hear him ask, "What I can smell?" To which is followed by, "I don't want to smell that." And then he'll try to get us to move our plates or eat somewhere else!
  • For those times when the food is acceptable to his nose and his taste buds, Riley will give me the highest compliment of all time--"Mom, this is the best food I 'never' had!" At least, I think it's a compliment! 
  • Some of us (I won't name names) have gotten a little too comfortable with each other and sadly flatulence has become more common place in our home. Upon hearing one of these sounds, Riley remarked, "That was a serious toot!" 
  • Signing up for the Dolly Parton Library and having a book mailed to our home each month is really an awesome way to add to our home collection.  Riley fell in love with this month's book Night House, Bright House by Monica Wellington. It uses some rebus pictures to complete each rhyming line and one phrase in particular tickled Riley's funny bone. "Poppycock, said the block." Not sure why, maybe because it's such an obscure, random word, but Riley could not stop giggling the other night. He requests this book often and will then go around shouting "poppycock" to you for the next several minutes and then burst out laughing. It makes us all smile.
  • Riley has a remarkable memory. The other day, he was telling Grandmama that he wanted to go to the park with the big ship where you feed the ducks. This is the park in Union that we've visited only 1 or 2 times with Mommaw and Poppaw. Riley pays attention to things like this and in fact knows the names and playground equipment of various parks in town as well for Cherry Park, Manchester Park, and Cedar Crest. 
  • Our little Mags continues to amaze us with her sweet manners and thoughtfulness. Chris handed Maggie her juice cup the other day and without prompting, she responded, "Thank you, Daddy." She is quick to tell anyone "bless you" each and every time you cough, hiccup, or sneeze. 
  • The other funny Maggie-ism lately that we have fallen in love with is when she is watching something she likes and responds with "Whoa....Cool!" 
  • It is quite evident that Maggie gives Irving the most attention of anyone in our family. Besides constantly bringing him his bone and sitting beside him while he lies in dog bed, she also loves to greet him in the morning with a cheerful, "Hey-ee, Dog-gie!" We love the inflection in her voice when she does this! 

 And this just about sums it all up! All you need is LOVE!!

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