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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Great Winter Storm of 2014

Last week, we experienced Winter Storm 2014 which brought us less than an inch of snow. It barely covered the ground, but schools shut down early on Tuesday, closed on Wednesday, and had a 3 hour delay on Thursday (Rock Hill schools closed completely). Gotta love the South! The kids had a great time playing in it. This was Maggie's first real experience with it and while she wasn't too thrilled with the actual snow, she did enjoy the sled rides (despite what the picture below shows).

 Our little snow angels! Riley and Callie had liked leaving their mark in the snow.

Now for some more cute kid antics:
  • We listen to a lot of music on the local Christian radio when we're in the car together and Maggie has picked up on the call station jingle and always chimes in on the last number..."New Life, 91 point 9". I love it!
  • Maggie is picking up on a lot of things lately. While playing hide-n-seek (Riley's new favorite game), Maggie will try and count. She fills in just about every other number. Riley has been working on his counting skills too. I helped him the other night try and count to one hundred. My favorite part was when we got to the 70s and he said "seventeen one, seventeen two," etc. Pretty cute!
  • Another favorite game lately that the kids have been playing and Maggie helped invent is to sit on the toy box together and then run and tackle Dad. Then Maggie will rush back, climb up on top of the padded leather toy box and pat her hand on the spot next to her to signal for Riley to join her. The game goes on and on for quite some time. 
  • I love how sweet these two are to each other. Maggie is starting to talk in longer phrases/sentences now and just last week she said as she was heading to bed, "Night, night Ra-Ra, wuv you." It sure melts our hearts! The other day, it was past Maggie's usual nap time and she was rather grumpy on the car ride home. Riley decided to sing her a lullaby to help calm her down and sure enough--it worked beautifully! 
  • Riley and Daddy have been working on projects around the house lately (cutting and sanding dowels for ribbon sticks that I use when I teach music and fixing the gate upstairs).  Riley talks non-stop to Chris and really loves the idea that he's helping. Chris is so patient with his little helper.  Every so often, Maggie will wander over and Riley will declare, "Stay back and stay calm, Maggie!" 
  • Maggie has been coined her own saying as well. About 2 weeks ago, she started saying "I gotch you" to everybody she sees.  We think it may come from when we try and tickle her and say, "We're going to get you." Wherever she got it from though, she loves to say it and it brings a smile to our faces to hear it. 

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