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Friday, January 10, 2014

"I've Got To Blog About That"

So it never fails, the kids will be doing something funny or crazy one night and I'll turn to Chris and say, "I've got to blog about that." Then the next day or few days later, I'll forget what it was.  I've started writing it down on a piece of paper and keeping a list going until I have time to sit down and actually blog. And inevitably, I'll lose the list! Well I managed to find a partial list the other day and before I forget anymore...I'm going to forever record them in the blog-osphere!

  • As I mentioned in the previous post, Maggie has really become quite adept at spotting Santa around town or in homes or stores or on the front of a card. For the entire Christmas season, she would excitedly say, "See Santa!".  The funny thing is, I think she may think his name is "SeeSanta". We may have mistakenly trained her to do this because we'd always say, "Hey Maggie, do you see Santa?" Whoops! Makes for a cute memory though. 
  • Riley has picked up on some more of our sayings at home. We'll catch him sneaking out of bed at night or tell him not to jump on the couch and he'll respond, "Oh, Man!" To which, Maggie will then try to parrot as well!
  • Since we got rid of cable TV to cut down on our bill, we supplemented with the much cheaper option of streaming Netflix videos.  Whenever the logo displays on the TV as we log on to access some shows, Riley always points his finger and spells out N-E-T-F-L-I-X    K-I-D-S and without fail will say, "Hey I'm a Netflix Kid!" Maggie, not to be outdone, now says "I-E-I-E...Yay!" which means the same thing in her language!
  • Driving down the road the other day, Riley saw a machine on the back of the truck and asked me what it was. I said I couldn't think of the name. He responded by saying, "I think it's a fork lift, Mom." And you know what? He was right!! It's crazy what this kid knows!
  • Several of my music lessons that did in the fall featured books by Eric Carle and Riley would listen to me read them aloud and before I begin I always introduce the title and author/illustrator. Shortly after these lessons, I'd pick up a book and read the title and before I could get any further Riley would interject..."By Eric Car-rul" (two syllable last name). 
  • We have one book that Riley likes to read that talks about the first day of Kindergarten. One of the first times reading it, Riley got very excited and wanted to know when he was going to go to "Candy-garden!"
  • Maggie sure has been working on developing her personality more and more everyday! She is quick to please big brother and give up whatever toy she has so that he can play with it. She can easily get upset when you don't want give her what she wants and will pitch a full-on fit complete with a face-plant on the floor and dramatic cries and tears. She loves to mimic everyone and is talking up a storm! She understands so much now. The other day, I accidentally burped and she looked at me and said, "Cuse me, Momma". She's an excellent helper and loves to sing the "Clean Up" song while she picks up toys. Her version is more like "me-muh, me-mup".  We'll ask her if a certain food is cold or if it's cold outside and she'll ball up her little fists and pretend to shiver as she repeats the word "cold." She is a snack-aholic and will eat everything on her plate that is fried or carb-heavy.  She still loves her crackers, O's (Cheerios), and pretzels (I can't figure out to type how she pronounces these, but it's really cute). She loves to brush her teeth and is extremely interested in watching people go "potty". She is a teaser too! I'll be reading her a book and she'll close it on purpose, so I can't see the words anymore and then open and close it about 6 more times. She'll pretend that she's going to give you a piece of food and then snatch it back.  On our long road trip to and from Indiana, she'd put her pacifier in backwards and look at Riley with a silly smile to make him laugh.  She has such a cute sense of humor--we love it! I had the hiccups the other night as I was rocking and singing "Mockingbird" to her and she kept making the hiccup sound right after me and laughing about it. I love her little dimples and how easy she smiles and laughs.  I hope she never loses any of that joy!

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