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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun Fridays and Halloween Happenings

 Last Friday, we had our Pumpkin Day. We started by cutting open and gutting a miniature pumpkin and then filling it with water and dish soap to play and blow bubbles in. Then we did a few crafts (like the candy corn foot/handprint poem below) and had a candy corn-colored fruit snack of pineapple, oranges, and marshmallows and some jack-o-lantern "Cuties" as Riley calls the clementines.

Such a sweet, meaningful idea! Use pumpkin-carving to illustrate God's love with this free poem and printable from Positively Splendid.We got a chance to carve the pumpkin Grandmama gave us and we used this Pumpkin Prayer as we did it. Riley refused again this year to touch the "yucky stuff", but Maggie poked it and played with it a little bit. We made pumpkin puree out of 2 smaller pumpkins and had pumpkin pancakes that night to wrap up our themed activities.  

Here's one of  our "pumpkins" all dressed up after church last week. She's getting so tall and talkative! She's been calling her paci "pappy", and says her own version of ball and book (usually leaving off the last letter sound).  She repeats everything that Riley says and is also showing lots of love with random kisses and hugs and pats on the back which of course melt our hearts!  She's still a ham for any camera (check out that wrinkly nose and "cheese" pose in the second picture).  What a doll baby!

My other little pumpkin is learning and catching on to concepts so fast these days too! Here he is with his spelling spider web that we made. He got to throw a pom-pom after spelling words like cat, hat, dog, mom, dad, log, net, etc. that I would sound out for him and he'd tell me what to write on the dry erase board. Of course, he wanted to spell words like refrigerator and marker instead! He is really starting to grasp how to show kindness to others. He's sharing some more with Maggie and praying such sweet, sincere prayers for others. He really liked the plate of goodies we made for the nursing home workers, but also wanted to make sure that we saved some cookies for him too!

 We had a super special day on Halloween. It began with a trip to IHOP for free "Scary Face Pancakes" which consisted of a pancake with Oreo eyes, strawberry nose, and and candy corn teeth.  Then we went to a local nursing home to drop off our plate of goodies and trick or treat down their hallways. I think it's important for both Riley and Maggie to be exposed to people of all ages and abilities. After that, we headed to Cherry Park to run off some energy. Here's a picture of Riley helping Maggie go down the slide.

After the park, we headed to Moe's where the kids got a free meal if they came dressed in their costumes. We barely made it through the line before Riley had taken off his chef outfit and Maggie had shed her bear hunting vest and hat. Finally, our last freebie was stopping by Krispy Kreme for a free donut! What a day! The kids took a great nap and then I made some mummy hot dogs for supper before we met up with our QCP gang for some pictures and trick-or-treat action!

 We've got Curious George, the Woman in the Yellow Hat, a banana in a tree (Alice), a golfer (David), 2 little  skeletons, Woody from Toy Story, a neighing horse, and a pirate girl! Below is a picture of our Wild West Posse!
 Yesterday, for Fun Friday, we had Skeleton Day since Riley has been pretty interested in Mr. Bones, Chris' skeleton decoration that he got from his mom one year. We talked about bones being inside our body and he and Maggie had a good time dancing to the "Dem Bones" YouTube video.  We cut out gingerbread people from Play-Doh and put their skeleton together using pieces of Q-Tips. Then we made a noodle skeleton and a paper skeleton with moveable parts.  Riley loved the Veggie Skeleton (below) and pretty much ate the entire thing himself. Our last food craft of using pretzel sticks with marshmallows on the ends dipped in white chocolate didn't turn out because I didn't have the right kind of chocolate. Oh well, the rest of the morning was a success!

Riley and Maggie made a "tower" out of cushions this morning and here's my little cutie pie testing it out! I love this hand-me-down outfit from Carson. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who look out for us and our sweeties. 

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