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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kids Say the Funniest Things

So I've been jotting down some of the funny little sayings and actions our kids are up to these days. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to go along with these, but I still bet they'll bring a smile to your face!

  • As we're driving to Indiana, Riley looks out the window and says, "I recognize those rocks! We need to climp up them on the mountain."
  • Also on the way to Indiana and just about any other time we're in the car as a family, Maggie likes to let out a really loud "Da-Da" yell repeatedly. It's pretty funny the first few times, then it starts to get to the point where we start looking for the pacifier!
  • Maggie is starting to talk more, but she's also learned to use her sign language for "more", "all done", "dog", and "please". She can get a little confused still at times. She pretty much blows a kiss for "thank you" which is pretty darn cute too!  While looking at animal books, she thinks just about any four-legged animal with fur is a dog and will keep tapping her leg with her hand.
  • Riley has some of his own sayings that have started to spread around here. Whenever he's thirsty, he says he's "drinky" and after he has his usual breakfast of banana and bar and goes potty, he's ready for a "showey-show" (a.k.a. TV show).  
  • He's also starting to get a little too tech-savvy. As we head to bed the other night, he says "Just a minute, I've got to text my friends a message." Or he'll say he needs to "check his messages on the computer." He doesn't miss much! :) When he does get a phone in his hands, it's almost always the same quick conversation: "Hello? What are you doing? Playing? Okay...bye!" Too funny!
  • Maggie sure does have some natural rhythm and a huge attraction to any music that is playing. She can't resist the urge to dance! We love her two arm dance in the air or her twist side to side! She's started memorizing songs such as when she hears "Pete the Cat" and will put her hands on her neck as it says the "Oh NO!!" part of the story/song. She also tries to sing songs like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and our nightly prayer of "God our Father".  It is absolutely precious to watch both of my children "fix their hands" and sing this simple song to the tune of "Are You Sleeping":
God, our Father God, our Father
We thank you. We thank you.
For our many blessings. For our many blessings.
Amen. Amen. (and for this part you have to make your voice go really low...Riley loves it!)

  • Another nightly tradition is that we're still singing "Hush Little Baby" to Riley and then he says his own prayer where he'll pray for whoever may be in the hospital or is sick and then thank God for letting him play or go somewhere special and then end with "and help Riley sleep tight, and wake up tomorrow and do what's right...with all his might!".  Then comes time for kisses. One night Riley decided he wanted "football" kisses and we had to pretend the kiss was a football and go far back and throw it.  It's since been adapted to all kinds of animals (bear, fish, gorilla) and random objects (like tonight I had to pretend to be a fan).  
  • Sometimes, Riley will try to rope us back into his room and tell us he needs us or wants us to hold him. We try not to get into the habit every night. A few weeks ago, Chris went to a concert and wasn't there one night when Riley wanted him.  He said to me..."I need my Dad. He's my best friend!" If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will! 
  • On June 27th, while we were in Indiana, Maggie decided to say another word. As Pap pulled out his camera to take a picture of her, she said "chee..." and smiled a huge, cheesy grin! It was so cute!
  • We had another Maggie milestone on July 1st when Maggie took her first steps. We knew she was getting close, but she'd often lock her knees and just sway back and forth. She finally got the courage to "step out" though and hasn't looked back since. Now it's the end of the month and the girl is doing laps around the couch like Riley (just at a tad bit slower pace!). 
  • Riley has quite an imagination these days. He likes to act out different scenes from some of his favorite shows and he'll assign us different characters. For example, he likes to be "Word Girl", Dad becomes the "Butcher" and has to throw sausages and hot dogs, Maggie tranforms into "Captain Huggy Face" and somehow I always end up being "Granny"! In another show scenario, Riley takes the lead as "Jake, the NeverLand Pirate", Maggie is "Tinkerbell", Dad is "Captain Hook" and this time I get to be the "Princess". 
  • Speaking of imagination, Riley said this recently: "One day, when I was a big man I weared bulldozer clothes." It's either his imagination or Riley is telling us about a former life!
  • Random fact, but Riley always sneezes twice so we call him "Mr. Two-Sneeze".  Our QCP neighbor, David, has deemed him "Too Tall" because of his height. He's about the same height as Callie and he's taller than both Jackson and Blake who are a year older than he is. 
  • Last but not least, one of my favorite moments that has happened so far is looking back while in the car and seeing my two precious kiddos holding hands with each other! Riley has taken on the big brother role a little more seriously and will give Maggie toys or make silly faces with her when she's crying/tired. 

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