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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Super Surgery, VIP Visitors, and "Egg"-cellent Easter Happenings

On Maggie's 10 month birthday, we woke her early (around 6 am) to head to the Carolina Surgical Center here in Rock Hill to have her first-ever (and hopefully last...for a really, really long time) surgery.  She got tubes put in her ears by Dr. Abrams at 7:30 am.  Even though the surgery itself only lasted 5-10 minutes, we were pretty nervous to have her experience anesthesia.  She recovered from it beautifully though and by 7:50, we had our little angel back in our arms. She was quite hungry, so she sucked down her bottle (in addition to the 2 units of Pedialyte that the nurses gave her in recovery). As far as we could tell, she was back to her happy, smiling self. Here she is texting all her friends that she is out of surgery and ready to head home to see Grandmama and Riley! 

 Maggie experienced her first Easter just a few days before her surgery.  The Easter Bunny brought her and Riley several toys, candy-filled eggs, and plush bunnies. It was so much fun watching them play together. Riley got a big kick out the Mr. and Mrs. Potato heads and has played with them every day so far. Riley became quite the "egg"-cellent egg hunter this year. Here he is finding eggs hidden by Grandmama and Papa on Easter, but he had more practice inside finding eggs earlier in the week with Nan and Pap and the day before Easter, he participated in an Easter Egg Hunt at church.  He shakes everyone to see if there is a "special" surprise in it and can barely contain his enthusiasm to sit down and start eating them.

Riley and Maggie (and Chris and I) had to say goodbye to Mr. Marc as he headed up to Massachusetts for a new job. We sure are going to miss having their godfather and our special friend around, but we know he'll continue to be a part of their lives as they grow and we wish him the very best!
This action-packed week also held a visit from Nan and Pap! Riley and Maggie had a great time going out to eat, bouncing at Baxter's Bunch, checking out the animals at the museum, and dying eggs together as well as many more fun-filled moments. Riley asked them every night if they were going to sleep here and he and Maggie both loved the extra love and attention! Not to mention the sweet treats (like the cupcakes Pap brought home from the store)! :)

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