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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Funny Valentines and Sweet Snow Bunnies

 Valentine's Day this year was filled with lots of love, candy, cards, and homemade fondue dinner. It sure was a delightful Thursday evening with my family!

 About a week later, on Feb. 23rd, we got our 2nd snowfall of the year and this one Riley actually was well enough to enjoy.  He and his buddy, Callahan, got to take sled rides down hills in the park and throw snowballs. We even made a miniature snowman.  We were going to try and make "snow-cream", but after naps the sun had come out and warmed up the ground so much that there was hardly any snow on the ground at all. We were thankful for the little bit that we had though to play in!

 I can't conclude without a few of my favorite Riley moments that have occurred lately.
  • I made the comment one day that Riley was wearing camouflage  pants, and he quickly corrected me and said, "There's no camels on it, there's snakes on it!"
  • Riley is really taking to reading books on his own now and he read The Very Hungry Caterpillar almost word for word the other night. The one confusing part was when the caterpillar made his "raccoon", instead of cocoon in the tree. :)
On the way to school each morning, Riley likes to tell dad all kinds of stories. Here's one--                               Driving past the apartment complex on Celanese near our house:
RILES:  When I get bigger and bigger, I want to go to that village.  They have wild animals in there.  They have polar bears, giant giraffes, and lions.  They will show their yellow eyes and their terrible teeth and their claws.
DAD:  Oh my goodness!  Their yellow eyes and terrible teeth?!  Will they say “Roar”?
RILES:  No.  They will say “Thank you” to me.  They are nice. 
The story went on from there, of course, but I was still knocked out by his description of the wild animals.  Smart little booger! 
  •  "Watch this trick!" When Riley says this phrase, you never know what you might see next from diving headfirst over the arm of the couch to trying to do a flip to jumping over items on the floor.
  • Playing with his toy cash register and putting money in his pocket is a new game Riley loves. He'll check all his pockets and when he finds one that's empty, he'll say, "There's no anything in my poke-ket." 

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