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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maggie Milestones and Riley Rewordings

 Our Two Little Loves!  These darling kids are growing closer every day! Riley makes sure to give "Mags" (as he calls her all the time now) a kiss good night and he's even getting pretty good about sharing toys and including her in his games. He's becoming more independent now (if that's possible) and wants to do and get everything himself. For example, when he has a "bless you" (a.k.a. sneeze), he runs and gets a tissue. He loved getting them so much that the other day, he went through about 12 of them in a 2 minute time period before we finally had to put an end to it. Crazy kid! :)  Another Riley rewording occurs when we ask Riley why he had a frowny face or okay face instead of a smiley face day at school (the new behavior system they've started doing at CPA) and he'll respond, "Because I do."  We investigate a little further and try to use the information we gather as teachable moments during dinner.

Maggie turned 8 months old on February 2nd! She's playing very well and able to entertain herself quite a bit now. We also just discovered that she knows exactly how to hold a bottle and has had us fooled for over a month now! :) Today, she fed herself the entire bottle with absolutely no help.  Just this week, she cut her first top tooth.  This brings the grand total to 3 little chompers now. 
 She's been putting all three of them to work trying new foods. This is a funny picture of Maggie trying Puffs (baby puffed cereal) snacks for the first time. So far, Maggie has had bananas, pears, apples, peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and rice and oatmeal cereal. In addition to her usual 4 bottles of formula a day, she also eats cereal/fruit mixture in the morning, vegetable near lunch time, and some sort of cereal/fruit/vegetable serving at supper. 

 Riley has let his imagination really start taking him places! For example, it was his idea to create this "train" out of pillows and make sure he went and got his conductor hat so that he could ride on it correctly! How cute. Pictured below, he's giving the green guy a haircut.

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