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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Taylors 'Tis the Season Together

 After we finished our own family Christmas celebration, we headed over to Grandmama and Papa's for a very scrumptious lunch together with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Joel, and Mommaw and Poppaw.  Grandmama outdid herself again by whipping up a feast of roast, dressing, sweet potato casserole, collards, corn, and broccoli salad (not to mention the infamous 7 Layer Coconut Cake and all the sweets and favorite of course, being the date balls!). Once our bellies recovered and we were able to move again, we managed to open a few gifts. I tried to get a little crafty this year and use some ideas that I had found online on Pinterest. I made several framed gifts including "The Fruit of the Spirit" for Mom and Dad, and word collages for everyone that described each person according to the traits/characteristics I believed they possessed. Can you guess who in our family was the "Suspicious-Noise Maker" or "Resourceful" (enough to dumpster-dive for leftovers), or the Noodle-"Dancer"? I also made some mugs that read, "Have I told you lately that I love you?".  We were able to Skype with Edward and Amanda and open some of these gifts together. So even though they weren't physically with us, we were still able to share a few laughs and feel each other's presence!
 Here's Joel opening his "Pot of Gold" chocolate candy that had some cash stashed away in it.
 And below we captured Riley and Papa putting on a rock concert with the PaperJamz guitar from Uncle Edward and Aunt Amanda.

One of the favorite gifts of the year was Chaucer, Joel's new puppy.  Maggie especially was fascinated with this little guy, probably because there was finally someone smaller than her around! 
 Poppaw and Mommaw enjoyed figuring out how to work their new Keurig coffee maker and one of Riley's highlights of the day included getting his very own step stool!

 It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! As we drove home that night, I couldn't help but thank God for all the amazing blessings he has placed in my life!

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