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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet and Smiley at Seven Months, our little Social Butterfly

 Maggie and Riley got an extra special visit from Godfather Marc and Krista on New Year's Eve. Riley is still a little camera-shy, but as you can see Maggie has no problem "cheesing" for every photo!  Mr. Marc is also so thoughtful and brings Christmas and birthday presents.  This year he got Riley and Maggie some coordinating track suits as well as some Eric Carle books for Maggie and math dominoes for Riley.  We are so thankful to have such positive influences in our kids' lives to help us raise these precious kiddos!

 Our sweet pea turned 7 months yesterday! We can hardly believe how fast time seems to be flying!! I find myself trying to memorize the feeling of holding Maggie's little body because I know she'll never be that small again.  And since I'm pretty sure she's our last one, it makes it all the more bitter-sweet to watch her grow and change so fast.  Both of her bottom teeth have come through and she didn't fuss at all with either one!  She is already sitting up for extended periods and is babbling with all kinds of sounds and "ga ga ga" phrases. Her hands start going crazy as she holds them up by her shoulders and opens and shuts them and turns and twists them. She is becoming very social and lights up when we interact with her. She gives the best smiles and her laugh is so stinkin' cute! It sounds like it starts in her belly and just rolls right out! Riley knows just how to make her laugh the most.  We think Maggie is pretty much infatuated with her big brother and hangs on every word and action he does. What a treat to see such love and devotion at an early age!

 Speaking of being a social butterfly, we decided to redecorate Maggie's room to give it a more girlish look. With help from both sets of grandparents at Christmas, we were able to get all kinds of decor and accessories. Now our ray of sunshine has a room that reflects even more of her personality!

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