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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Ha Ha Ha

So I've been collecting more funny Riley sayings. Here's his most recent holiday edition:

  • While driving to McAdenville, we were listening to a Michael Buble CD.  Riley's been very interested in Christmas music this season and always asks us, "What's that song?".  We responded with it's a Michael Buble song. A few minutes later, he makes the comment "I like this Microwave song."
  • Some of his other favorite Christmas songs that we could recognize right off the bat are "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (to which he'll shake his hips and move his arms back and forth as he dances), "Little Drummer Boy" (where he air drums when he hears it play), "Away in a Manger" (he also has precise motions he learned for this and if you don't do them exactly right, he'll let you know), and "Let it Snow" (or because he can't pronounce his "s" sound all the time, it's more like "Let it 'Now").  
  • In the car, especially on long drives, Riley has 2 games he likes to play. One that can get old really fast is when he likes to repeat over and over the phrase, "I want you".  As in, he wants us to hold him.  Our best method for ending this game is to distract him with another one. He likes us to think of silly things for him to eat or pretend to be.  This is a game he's loved since he was little. We'll name all kinds of things and he'll laugh and when we pause and don't say anything for awhile, he says..."Think about it!".  
  • Riley got a doctor kit for one of his gifts from Santa and immediately started playing with it. He knew just about what every instrument did, but didn't have the exact language down pat yet. He holds up the pretend otoscope and says it's an "eye lash" and wants to look in your eyes, nose, and ears.  He learned to look and see if there are any "taters" in people's ears from his Pap.  While looking in his dad's nose one day, Riley commented, "Ooh Daddy, you have a 'boo'-ger!" One of the cutest misunderstandings so far is when he uses the stethoscope to check our heart"beep"!
  • Riley usually wakes up every morning and typically states that he's ready for breakfast. However, the day after Christmas I go in to pick him up out of his bed and carry him downstairs (because he's still my baby) and he remarks without a moment of hesitation, "MORE PRESENTS PLEASE!"

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