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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fisher Family Christmas

 School ended for all of us on Tuesday, Dec. 18th, so we packed our bags and headed up to Indiana for our winter pilgrimage to the Midwest the following day. We decided to split up the drive, so the kids wouldn't be in the car for 12+ hours. We managed to make it to Chillicothe, Ohio the first day and lo and behold, Santa happened to be at the Rooster's wing restaurant we stopped in at for dinner! So Maggie was able to meet famous man himself for the first time. Riley saw him from a distance and only came close enough to grab a candy cane before scurrying back to daddy's arms. He's still in the scared stage this year.
The next day, we arrived in Yorktown around lunchtime and was able to fit in a visit to Greenfield, IN that evening to see Great- Grandma and Great-Grandpa Condra.  Grandma Condra was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a stroke and broken shoulder. She seemed in good spirits the night we visited her though and really took a liking to little Maggie. Riley was able to entertain them with a few songs. His rendition of "Away in a Manger" complete with hand motions will melt your heart every time! We exchanged a few gifts.  Grandpa Condra did all the shopping for the great grandkids himself and did a wonderful job, especially with the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" praying lamb for Maggie and the tent/tunnel set for Riley!

 On Friday, we hit the road again...this time bound for Toledo, Ohio! Tim and Jen opened up their home to host the Fisher crew again this year.  Maggie loved Anderson's bouncy car and was all smiles with the extra attention she received!  Riley, of course, was thrilled to see the mountain of gifts and dove right in when it was his turn.  He received all kinds of special toys such as a Toledo Mud Hens baseball bat and ball, a handmade Superman cape (courtesy of crafty Aunt Brandy), Thomas the Train bookbag and books, floor puzzles, Melissa and Doug wooden fruit that can be "cut", a giant keyboard mat, an alarm clock, and so much more!

 Maggie was given some beautiful dolls (the one on the right was made by Aunt Brandy and the one below was selected by Nan), in addition to many cute outfits, books, toys, and butterfly room decor.

 Nan and Pap's big gift from all of us was a set of landscaping lights.  This year, we decided the adults would do a local beer exchange. We had a lot of fun sampling drinks from all over! Of course, all the festivities can make for a long day....poor Arlo was so tired he didn't even care that he became a personal couch for AC!
Of course, when it was time to take our annual picture...the only one who would cooperate was Maggie! Despite their mood at this moment, we know they all had a very Merry Christmas and loved the time with each other.

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