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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for these two little turkeys that God has trusted Chris and I to raise! Our lives have been enriched so much by their presence and each passing day brings new joys! 
I am also very grateful for a loving husband who gives of his time so generously. He is a devoted, doting dad and a caring, supportive husband. I thank God for our families and friends who love us unconditionally and add so much laughter to our life! I appreciate our health even more now as a parent and continue to pray that God protects us all from serious illness and harm. There are so many other blessings (too many to name right now), but my heart is overwhelmed with how lucky I am and how much I have to be thankful for!   
 For Thanksgiving, Chris flew back to Indiana to be with his family and spend some time with this grandmother who was recovering from a stroke and broken shoulder.  We missed him tremendously, but knew that he was surrounded by family and enjoying good fellowship (even if they did have to spend Thanksgiving day in a hospital wing).

 I took both kids over to my parents' house on Wednesday and got to spend some time with Mommaw and Poppaw and my brother and his family.  Kelly was able to join us (unfortunately, Joel had to work at the Grove Park Inn job that he had just gotten).  Later on Thursday, Dad's side of the family came over as well (Jeannie, Rodger, Melissa, Dylan, Brooke, Renee, Cal, Andrew, April, Brad, and Caroline). We had quite a house-full! That's part of the reason why Dad (Papa) decided to cook 2 turkeys this year instead of just one! He let Mom (Grandmama) have the year off and went about doing his research and cooking them to perfection (one in a brine and the other with special herbs and seasonings rubbed on). Both were delicious!

The kids enjoyed playing with all of Grandmama's toys while lunch was being prepared! 

 Here's Brad giving Liam a "hole" to putt at and a few pointers as he practices his golf swing. Edward and Melissa managed to snag some stove space to put the finishing touches on their items. Edward and Amanda had a dessert-bake off (Twix dessert bars vs. pumpkin cheesecake).  It ended up being a tie, as Edward's dessert got better and better as it "aged" for the day. Everyone enjoyed all the turkey and fixings! And we also loved spending time with each other. Of course, there was a little time spent looking through Black Friday (and Thursday) ads, as Edward, Amanda, and I made our list of things to buy.  We hit Wal-mart at just the right time (around 7:30 for their 8 pm opening) and were able to get all kinds of good deals. It was definitely a fun day/evening to say the least!

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