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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some more Remarkable "Riley-isms"

Here are just a few more unique phrases that Riley has entertained us with lately:

  • While potty training, I have learned that when Riley needs to go to the potty instead of asking he always announces: "I pooing, Mommy!".  This means his underwear is still dry, but I better get him to a potty fast!  Once on the "big" or "little" potty, Riley typically has a few seconds delay and then we'll hear..."I doing it! I doing it!" and see a big smile spread across his face! He really has done a great job with this in general and I'm truly proud of my big boy!
  • While eating supper the other night, Riley got some food on his face and promptly asked for a napkin to wipe his "chinny chop"! It's amazing what he remembers! I'm pretty sure Chris has used that phrase a time or two and Riley recalls it at the funniest times.
  • While shopping at Dollar Tree for some craft items, Riley is going up and down the aisles telling everyone, "This place is really nice!".  My goodness, I don't know what he'd say if I actually took him to a high-end shopping establishment! 
  • While eating breakfast one morning, Chris was holding Maggie and remarked that she is a happy baby. Riley replies, without missing a beat, "She sure is!"
  • While taking a bath this week, Riley let out a little "farkle" (Chris' word, I prefer "toot") in the bath water.  Riley noticed the bubbles and tried to do it again. Upon succeeding, he smiles at Chris and says, "That's rarious (hilarious)!"
  • While reading a book that same night before bed, Riley sees an angel in the Toddler Bible. He says, "That's silly, that guy is pretend butterfly."  
  • While playing with just about any microphone, Riley's favorite phrase to yell is "Mickey Clubhouse". Not sure why that's the phrase he uses all the time, but it's pretty funny watching him do it! 

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