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Monday, November 12, 2012

Maggie Pie Turns Five (Months that is) and Superhero Tripp Soars to Six

 Our sweet girl is almost half a year old! My, my, my...time flies when you're having fun! "Maggie is such a good baby"... I hear it all the time (at the Y, at church, from friends and family) and I have to agree! She only really cries when she has to get her nose wiped or she's really hungry/tired.  Other than that, she LOVES watching everything around her (especially her older brother and the cool cartoons he watches on TV, although we try to limit her exposure as much as possible). She is very content most of the time to lay on her play mat and bat her hands at the whale and other toys dangling above her. Her hand-eye coordination is really improving! She can easily reach out and grab objects now (and of course, puts them straight into her mouth!).

 A few weeks ago, our darling little one had to get a helmet to help shape her cute little head. I decorated it with a few scrapbook stickers. The front, as you can see, has her name and the back has little "flair" buttons as I like to call them. The stickers say things like "Good Hair Day," "If the Tiara Fits Where It", and "Super Star." Besides having a small flat spot from laying on her back for most of her life, the therapists at Cranial Technologies in Charlotte believe it's possible that Maggie's head was stuck in utero in Tabitha's pelvis.  So, they suggested some neck exercises and a DOC Band helmet to be worn 23 hours a day for the next 6-9 weeks. The helmet doesn't seem to bother Maggie at all. She still sleeps with her hands up by her head and taps her head with her hands when she eats.  We think she looks just as cute as ever, with or without her helmet! Here she is spending some bonding time with her brother. They got to take a bath together for the first time last week.  Maggie loved all the dozens of toys that Riley had floating in the bath. It's going to be such a joy to watch these two grow up together!

 Calling all Superheros!! Tripp-tastic has turned six! Here we are at Tripp's birthday this past weekend down in Charleston. Maggie was dressed as WonderWoman. Tripp recycled his Halloween costume and became Spiderman again. Edward (who I really think gets more excited about these themed-parties than his sons) turned himself into the Incredible Hulk. It took Liam a few minutes to recover from the shock of seeing his dad painted green. Riley and I were Superman and Chris was "Bo Weevil" (a superhero of his own creative imagination)! Kelly and Joel also earned some major creativity points with their Incredibles costumes. We had a great time celebrating this new milestone with everyone!

We spent Saturday night at Edward and Amanda's and then met Carson and her two precious girls (Camryn and Reagan) at the aquarium. The highlight of the afternoon was watching a 15 minute Polar Express movie in 4D. Riley is absolutely glued to the screen every minute and gets a big kick out of the real bubbles and "snow" that were falling all around him. His favorite animals to see were the sharks and jellyfish. He also enjoyed his outdoor picnic on the lawn with his "butter and jelly" sandwich.

Ahh, these are the times that make a mom's heart happy!

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