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Monday, November 12, 2012

First Day of CPA

 Well, my "vacation" is just about over. I have really enjoyed every minute of being home with my kids, but there is also a piece of me that misses my students and teacher friends back at Pleasant Knoll. So, since I start back work officially on Thursday, we thought it best to try and start getting back into the habit of getting the kids ready for daycare. Today was our first trial run. Riley walked right into his class and started playing immediately without a moment of hesitation.  Maggie wasn't quite as confident as you might can tell from her photo above, but she didn't cry either. Chris and I got her unpacked and put her in a swing while Miss Haley fed some of the other babies. I realized on my drive over that I had forgotten one of the most important items needed for today---Maggie's bottles!! Luckily, I had plenty of time to go home and get them.  Ms. Sharon (Maggie's main teacher) was there when I got back and said she was doing well. I thought about both kids frequently throughout the day and almost picked up the phone to call and check on them, but after I got finished at the dentist my entire left side of my face was numb from getting a filling and talking felt rather weird. So I did a few loads of laundry and picked up around the house before getting the kids. Ms Sharon said Maggie had a good day and that she enjoyed being held! She took 2 short 15-20 minute naps and 1 hour nap in the afternoon (which isn't very much for her, but figure it's because she's having to adjust to a new place with new sounds and distractions). She ate both of her bottles and was generally in a good mood. I went to go pick up Riley and he didn't want to leave! I guess that's a good sign! It's nice to know that my kids are having fun and being cared for and loved on when I'm not around.

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