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Friday, October 5, 2012

Potty Training Boot Camp Day 1

 Armed with a bowl full of M & Ms and a few sheets of stickers, I decided to launch a Potty Training Boot Camp for the next few days. Riley woke up at 6:30 am and after breakfast we made a big deal of picking out his first pair big boy underpants to wear. He debated quite a while in the store yesterday, but finally decided on a 7 pack of Mickey Mouse and a 7 pack of Toy Story with Buzz and Woody! I rolled up the rug in our living room since it's easier to clean up accidents from the hardwood floors than any kind of carpeted surface and set the plan into motion. Chris went off to school, wishing us good luck, but going on the record saying that he thinks this might be too premature. I promised that I wouldn't force the issue, but just wanted to see what the day would hold. I have been pleasantly surprised and it's only half over!

Riley got to finish drinking his milk (and then another cup of juice that I handed him in an effort to fill his bladder) while he sat on his froggy potty (his choice, not mine) and watched a Potty Pirate DVD that I bought a few months ago and was waiting for just the right time to introduce it. Riley enjoyed it and then got to watch his new favorite show, "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", and there just so happened to be an episode saved (thanks, Daddy) all about how Daniel and his friends go potty! Riley put on his potty watch that sings a song every 30 minutes to alert you that it's time to try and go potty.  Around 8:30, I decided to make some pink lemonade to give Riley something else to drink besides milk and juice.  He was climbing up in the "tower" to help me when all of the sudden, he says, "I go pee!".  I look up and sure enough buckets of pee are coming out of this child! I couldn't get him to stop, so I just let him finish and then gently reminded him that we're supposed to pee in the potty and try to keep Mickey and Buzz dry, not wet. I cleaned up the mess and got back to our day of playing, reading books and hearing songs about the potty that I found on YouTube, and entertaining Maggie. Riley had another small accident where he wet his underwear just a little. Shortly after (around 9:45), he saw the container of M & Ms on the counter about an hour later and really wanted some. I let him know that as soon as he makes the pee pee go in the potty, he could have some. He walked over to the potty and tried hard. Before I know it, he started peeing! I start squealing with excitement and yelling. It seems like he is peeing forever and sure enough when he finally finishes, the froggy potty is half full! That's quite an accomplishment for a boy his size.  We cheer our way to the big potty and Riley helps me flush the pee down the toilet. Then we do a silly potty dance and watch our hands before getting the coveted prize of 2 M & Ms! We go back into the den and celebrate some more by watching Elmo do the potty song and then we go back to playing (this time with a balloon). Around 10:30, Riley starts getting tired. He asked for a pillow from the couch to lay down on the floor with his blanket. All of the sudden, he stands up and tries to pee into the potty from a standing position. I help him take off his wet underpants quickly, but unfortunately nothing comes out. We clean up a few drops on the floor and get some dry underwear. Riley starts talking about the M & Ms again and I remind him that the pee has to go into the potty. He's been earning stickers this whole morning every time he sits on the potty and tries, but I'm saving the candy for the actual act. He walks back over to the potty and tells me he wants to go again. Somehow he's able to make it happen again and this time fills the potty about one quarter of the way full. We repeat all our crazy actions and dances and cheers from before and I can tell Riley is really proud of himself and even said he wants to tell Daddy! I let him play with his favorite Talking Dog app on my iPod Touch and he tells the dog, "I a big boy! I wear underpants." I LOVE IT!! Now, I know it's only been a few hours, but I'm quite hopeful this may just stick! He went down for his nap (with a diaper on because I read that this is a natural progression and not something that needs to be achieved right away with initial potty training). I can't wait to see how the afternoon unfolds!

UPDATE: Riley made it through the rest of the afternoon with flying colors. He wet his underwear just a tiny bit and stood up and went straight to the potty. A little later, when we were outside (with froggy potty on the porch), I went to go get Riley's slide out of the garage and come back and am greeted with his enthusiastic little voice shouting, "Mommy, I'm doing it!" And he sure was! Even if he was peeing through his Mickey Mouse underpants, he had taken the initiative to sit on the potty himself.  Hey, I'll take it! Today (Saturday), we went to the Fall Fesitval at church.  Riley was able to pee in the potty this morning with no issues. We made a big deal about putting on special Pull-Ups that need to stay dry or the soccer balls will disappear. Somehow, he managed to stay dry for the 1 1/2  hours that we were at church and even though he visited the bathroom twice, didn't sense the need to go. I tried to get him to go before his nap, but he was so tired he refused. That's okay...small steps are just fine with me!

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  1. Yay for Riley! You're doing it just the right way. Give them loads and loads of beverage, let them have an accident and learn from it. In no time, on the potty they will be!! Keep positive :)