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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Fun List of Things To Do

So it's been about 2 weeks since I began my maternity leave and I have to admit...I'm LOVING IT! The kids and I have gotten into a routine of going to the YMCA (or "Y" as Riley calls it) about 3 times a week in the mornings around 9 until 10:30 (so Mommy can get a shower too and be ready for the day). I've had a great time trying new classes and trying my best to get back in shape. We head home and fix lunch and then it's time for both kids to nap. During naptime, I've tried to set realistic goals about deep cleaning one room each week and then doing other things like catching up on my blog, updating Maggie's scrapbook, clipping coupons, and researching freezer meals (my new favorite way to cook!). On Thursdays, we go to the Fort Mill Library for Toddler Time which Riley thoroughly enjoys! We did this some over the summer and Chris continued it while he was home as well.  Riley loves participating in the songs, dances, finger plays, storytime, and craft. In the afternoons, we usually eat a snack and Riley gets to watch one show on TV. Then I try to do a special activity with the kids.  I finally had the time to look through all the cute ideas on Pinterest and was able to compile a list of some of the activities I thought would be fun to try.'s the list. I'm going to work hard to keep updating it with dates and pictures (if possible) to keep a record of these precious moments that I have the luxury of being able to enjoy right now with my darling family!
Our Fall Fun List of Things to Do
·         Have a picnic in the park 10/26/12 ...we played and ate at Elisha Walter park in Fort Mill

·         Go to a pumpkin patch-10/14/12 with Nan and Pap

  •  Decorate pumpkins using Mr. Potato Head Pirate and Paint
·         Collect leaves for leaf art project (suncatcher, rubbings, etc.)
·         Tire tracks art with toy vehicles and paint 10/19/12

·         Egg Carton Caterpillar 10/24/12 after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar we made a caterpillar and a butterfly
·         Attend Toddler Time at Library each Thursday from 10-10:30 10/25/12 Riley and Maggie got to wear their costumes as they listened to monster-themed stories and sang songs 
·         Make a paint (or hair gel) gallon bag to draw on
·         Learn letters using computer games
·         Make an A-Z Letter Art book (see Pinterest)
·         Experiment with baking soda and colored vinegar water 10/17/12 on front porch
·         Create multi-color crayon discs
·         Blow giant bubbles with wand or cut-off water bottles 10/12/12 with Mom and Dad
·         Shaken Ball Art (need marbles or golf ball)
·         Write a thank you note to the mailman
·         Visit a nursing home-take cookies or another small gift
·         Build a tent
·         Put colored ice cubes in bath
·         Make homemade Play-doh
·         Make a marshmallow shooter
·         Wash the car together
·         Play Dress Up
·         Play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders
·         Write letter to grandparents and great-grandparents 11/8/12 we mailed a "hug" to Nan and Pap, about a week earlier we mailed a get well soon bandaid card to Great Grandma Condra who was in the hospital recovering from a stroke and broken arm
·         Get a head start on Christmas crafts
·         Make an Ice Sun Catcher-fill a pie pan with leaves and other small objects, freeze, and then hang outside and let it melt
·         Do a Mummy Wrap out of tissue paper-10/18/12 with Blake and Delaney
·         Microwave a bar of Ivory soap to make a soap cloud
·         Design a picture using colored Elmer’s glue 11/6/12, Riley got help writing his name
·         Make an A-Z book by taking pictures of everyday objects/activities 11/04/12 
·         Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles 10/08/12 kind of a dud...bubbles didn't glow
·         Design plates with Sharpie markers and bake to lock in artwork
·         Visit museum and/or children’s museum
·         Go see a fire station 10/26/12 with the 2nd Graders from Pleasant Knoll Elementary on their Community Field Trip

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