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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Lovin’

I can’t believe our first month of summer is over! So sad how quickly time can fly by.  Our little family has started getting into a somewhat of a routine.  One or both of the kids usually wake up around 6:30 or 7 and we all eat breakfast (bar and banana for Riley, the usual 4 ounces of Similac blue box special for Maggie, cereal for Mom and an Everything bagel with cream cheese for dad). Then Riley gets to watch a show (typically Elmo but sometimes Animals or Thomas the Train).  At some point during the morning, we get dressed and lately one of us has been heading to the YMCA with Riley.  We can workout for about an hour while Riley goes to ChildWatch and plays. He’s always hesitant at first to go in, but within 10 minutes he’s stopped crying and is distracted with a new toy. Sometimes we go to the pool afterwards.  Riley really enjoys going in the “big” pool (holding on to Mom or Dad) over the “little” pool which is a kid-friendly water park.  On occasion Riley will work up the nerve to go down the Frog slide or put his hands in the water jet that comes out of the ground. Then we head home for lunch and nap.  Our afternoons vary but usually include time spent riding a bike in the park, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, coloring or finger painting, playing trains upstairs or some sort of ball game downstairs, and eating snacks. Once a week, we’re trying to go somewhere special.  This past Thursday we had a blast taking the entire family on a train ride from Pineville to Uptown Charlotte to go to Discovery Place museum.  Riley absolutely loved looking out the window and all the stop and go of the Lynx train.  convcenter images

He also had a great time splashing in the water table in the Kid Zone, playing drums, creating a giant LiteBrite picture, and going over a pint-size bridge in the well-padded toddler area. images (1) playing-with-water-kids-science-discovery-place-charlotte

Of course, I forgot my camera so these are just random Google image pics. Oh well! Next time I’ll be better prepared!

So here are just a few other highlights from our time together so far this summer:

  • While staying at Grandma and Papa’s last weekend so Mom and Dad could go out to eat and celebrate our anniversary, Riley heard Aunt Jeannie sneeze and without any prompting, told her “Bess You!” She couldn’t believe his manners.  What a proud moment!
  • One of the other afternoon activities I forgot to mention above is that Riley likes to dance to a CD that Blake and Delaney gave him for his birthday.  It has exercise songs that are personalized with his name. We caught on video Riley doing the grapevine which I think he learned from me doing a Zumba Wii workout with him awhile back. It’s so cute! He looks like a crab sliding sideways! His favorite track right now is the one about jumping up and down which Riley loves to do now.  I’m so happy he’s learned how to jump (that was his next big milestone that Kathy, his physical therapist for a year, mentioned that we should look for around age 2). 
  • Another precious moment occurred at naptime a week or two ago.  Riley has started saying “Love You” to us before we even say it or when he’s pretending to take a nap and playing downstairs. It’s so sweet.  And after our usual routine of bath (every other night), pjs, teeth brushing, and reading 2 books, Riley will climb in his big boy bed with all 3 blankets, Ruff the Pillow Pet, the big-eyed turtle (that Kristin gave him before we left Washington), George the monkey, and most of the time a random toy like a motorcycle or train and he’ll repeat a prayer.  Two nights ago, Riley said “Thank you my family” and then named Mom, Dad, Riley, Irving, Maggie, and the wall!! Too funny!

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  1. What a fun summer making memories with your family of 4!! : )