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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haphazard Hodge Podge of Happy Memories

  • When we got back from our 5 day “vacation” to Georgia to get Maggie, we came home to Riley speaking in full sentences.  One of his first statements was “I want ‘sometin’ to eat!” Now, that’s my boy!
  • Speaking of eating, sometimes Chris will ask Riley if he wants to eat chicken (to which Riley when he’s in a contrary mode will reply no), so he’ll keep going: “Do you want to eat ham?” “No.” “How about yogurt?” “No.” Then he’ll randomly throw in--“Do you want muskrat?” Well the other night, Chris asked Riley what he wanted to eat for supper and Riley replied: “Muskrat!” Great, just great!!
  • One of the sweetest moments we’ve experienced lately is listening to Riley say a blessing at dinner. He requests to sing the song and then proceeds to belt out his rendition of “God our Father (repeat), We thank you (repeat), For our many blessings (repeat), Amen (repeat)” that is sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”.
  • We continue to be surprised by how many songs Riley knows. Some of his favorites right now are “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, and “Where is Thumper?”.  It is so cute to hear him sing.
  • Well, it’s official.  Our son is ALL BOY!! He loves every kind of ball there is on earth and he likes kicking them, hitting them, swinging at them, catching them, dribbling them, shooting them, and throwing them.
Recently, Riley turned a pink balloon into a ball game where he’d ask someone to throw it to him and he’d kick it with his foot.  He was only satisfied if it went really high in the air! Just this past Friday, Riley went to a half birthday party for his friend Blake and while everyone was running through sprinklers, splashing in a pool, and sliding down a Slip ‘N Slide, our son had managed to find a golf club and ball and was busy entertaining himself on the lush green lawn. 
  • Overall, Riley has adjusted fairly well to having a little sister.  A big improvement from the first day he saw her and he turned his head and refused to look at her! Now he helps bring her a pacifier, kisses her on the head, tells us if her eyes are open or closed, and lets us know when baby Maggie is crying. One of the biggest changes we’ve noticed however if that Riley is a little more cuddly these days.  He loves laying down with Daddy on the couch to “take a nap” and watch golf (or baseball, or hockey, or race cars).  He’s very attached to his green and blue blanket now and won’t let it far from his sight when he’s tired. 
  • Another big interest of Riley’s right now is dinosaurs.  His new favorite toy and show is called “Dinosaur Train” and the talking dinosaurs have taught him everything from being an omnivore to forest fires being hot and burning trees.  It’s amazing to me still how much this little guy can take in!
  • Not everything is all smiles all the time though.  Take yesterday for Father’s Day for example.  We took the whole family out to eat at Buca diPeppo’s and met my mom, dad, and brother Joel there as well. Riley proceeded to refuse to sit in his highchair, throw his milk down, sling his green guy toy into Chris’ plate of food, and scream at the top of his lungs for fun.  Not an enjoyable eating experience to say the least.  We did damage control the best we could and took Riley outside several times, but being 2 and being quiet and well-mannered for an hour just isn’t quite his forte right now.  We’re also still dealing with Riley getting upset and wanting to lash out by hitting.  We’ve used time out and for the most part it’s been effective.  Up until just the last few weeks, that is! Riley now scoots himself out of time out the minute you put him there and then tells you NO over and over again when you tell him to move back or we place him there again and he repeatedly tries to escape.  Meanwhile, he’ll laugh while he’s doing it, so that really makes him hard to discipline.  Ah, the joys of parenthood! Oh well, our saving grace is that everyone keeps telling us this is “just a phase!”

  • Let’s focus on baby Maggie for a minute.  This little one is starting to track objects and sounds and move her head from side to side very slowly.  She responds to Chris’ voice very well and will often open her eyes for him instead of anyone else.  She’s beginning to hold her head up off our shoulder and check things out.  She’s still a great eater and burps well most of the time.  But the poor gal has yet to figure out that she’s supposed to sleep soundly during the night (not during the day!!).  Chris thinks she’s part vampire because she’ll fuss the majority of the night and the minute the sun comes up, she’ll pass out and no amount of noise, jostling, or putting an ice pack on her feet will wake her up (yes, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve exhausted just about all options).  It helps that when one of us starts to get frustrated, the other can step in, but it’s still no fun to go hours in the middle of the night without sleep.  Hopefully, “this too shall pass!”

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