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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Babbling Brook, Cute Cousins and a Big Boy Room for a soon-to-be Big Brother

 So our dear son has taken an extreme liking to motorcycles lately. He is obsessed with looking for them on the roads now and here he is playing with one we found at a yard sale.  The funniest thing is listening to Riley try and pronounce this word.  We've heard everything from "monker-doodle" to "mot-er-fennel".  It literally changes every day, but we always know what he's talking about because he'll get real excited and say "man mont-er-runnel" and keep repeating it until we acknowledge his statement.  It's really quite cute.  Riley's language is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds! These are a few of my favorite Riley-isms:
  • "Hold you Mommy" when he wants me to pick him up
  • "Bess you" when someone sneezes or "Tank you" when he receives something he wants
  • "I do it" for whenever he thinks he can do it better than you can
  •  "Dums" "Nano" (piano) or "Geetar" when he hears a certain instrument on the radio
  • "Oh no...Iley fell down" whenever he runs around the couch 16 times and finally collapses 
  • "Dear God...Tank" when it's time to say his bedtime prayers
 Two weeks ago (April 21st), we went to Charleston and were able to celebrate Liam's Dino-myte 2nd birthday! It was a great time! Here are the boys getting a much needed bath after playing hard in the yard together on Saturday.  Riley loved playing Frisbee for the first time, making up his own songs on the piano, eating (or should I say just licking) chocolate-covered marshmallows, and playing with all the cool toys at Cousin Tripp and Liam's house. 

 We have been hard at work converting our yellow office into a "big boy" room for Riley.  You see, the week after Spring Break, we were matched with a birthmom from Georgia and found out that we'd be expecting our next bundle of joy in June!   So we're going to be needing the nursery in just a few more weeks.  The adoption process went much faster than we ever anticipated and we are truly thrilled (even if we are a little overwhelmed) about the prospect of having another entire summer to spend quality time with our new addition.  Chris worked hard to paint Riley's room a beautiful two-toned color palette and I had a great time going shopping with Riley for all kinds of sports-themed decorations.  Here is a picture of our little man showing just how he feels the first day we surprised him with his big boy bed.  Isn't that precious!? He spent the next hour climbing up and rolling off his bed.  He's had no problems at all saying goodbye to his crib and has been able to go to sleep without any problems.  However, managing to stay in the bed has been a slight problem! For the past 2 days, we've found him asleep under his bed all stretched out with his two fingers in his mouth.  Tonight we added a bed rail, so we hope that it will contain him.  It's been such fun watching him play in his big room and we can't wait to add baby Fisher to the nursery so our house will be complete!

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  1. Love all of Riley's Riley-isms! And we are super excited for y'all with baby #2 on the way!