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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Riley loved the St. Patrick's Day celebration in downtown Rock Hill this year.  This is a wig that he borrowed from Blake and Delaney who were with us watching the Irish dancers on stage.  A similar picture of Riley appeared on the Herald's online picture gallery.  He's pretty much a local celebrity now! :)                                                                                                                  A few weeks later, we welcomed Spring Break! Daddy celebrated by running a marathon on Sunday, April 1st in Knoxville, TN.  Riley and I made posters and though Riley didn't go along for the actual trip, he was cheering him on in spirit, along with Chris' parents (who had come for a visit several days beforehand).  We are so proud of his accomplishment and diligence in sticking with a goal and finishing it! What an amazing feat!

 Towards the end of our Spring Break, we took Riley to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, NC.  This is the best children's amusement place we have ever been to! Riley absolutely LOVED all the different stations and play areas.  Here are just a few of his favorites (which include riding the tractor, playing drums on the skillets, getting wet at the water table, and test-driving a boat).  He also got to dye and Easter egg, slide down mats in the toddler area, pick red "apples" which were really plastic balls from an apple tree, play doctor, dance on stage, steer a pirate ship, and ride a ladybug scooter. I highly recommend this place to any one with little ones! We'll definitely be going back.


Happy Easter! 

Today is Easter Sunday, such a special day as we remember how Christ died, was buried, and on the 3rd day he rose again defeating death and giving us everlasting life! Riley is still a tad young to really understand much about today.  He did enjoy the toys left by the Easter bunny though and certainly looked very handsome dressed up.  We went to Rodger and Melissa's house for lunch after church and enjoyed quite a delicious feast of ham, green beans, veggie casserole, strawberry pretzel salad, pasta salad, deviled eggs, and angel food cake with icrecream and fresh fruit for dessert.  Yummy! Riley got an extra Easter basket filled with goodies as a gift from Dylan and Brooke and an Elmo book and toolbox kit from Grandmama and Papa.  After nap, Riley had a grand time hunting for Easter eggs and shaking every one that he found to determine if it indeed had candy inside.  He was especially fond of the ones with Smarties and jellybeans! It's these special times with family that really make me thankful for the loved ones that I am blessed to be surrounded by! 

I can't end without giving a little update to Riley's latest accomplishments.  I'm so proud of his progress and all that he is learning and doing.  In fact, on Tuesday, he'll be officially dismissed from BabyNet services because his scores with gross, fine motor, and language skills are all in the average to above average range.  This has been such a wonderful program and has given Riley the extra boost and attention he needed to catch up physically.  Cognitively, Riley is continuing to amaze us! In addition to knowing all his basic colors like "yeah-yow", "bue", "geen", and red, he also knows brown, pink, and black.  Just this week, we heard him count to thirteen by himself, although I do have to note he started counting from four not one. :)  Most of the time, he can count to ten with little to no prompting and gets so excited about numbers seven and ten.  He's talking in almost sentences now and starting to put together pronouns like "my daddy" and "me".  He is using his fork and spoon quite well now and enjoys telling us exactly what he wants to eat.  Some of his favorite foods right now are cereal bars for breakfast, pizza, grapes, "berries" (blueberries), and of course, he still loves chicken (so we've learned to refer to most meats regardless of what kind it is as chicken in hopes that he'll try it and like it).  This has been such an exciting time and everyday brings something new.  What fun!!

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