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Monday, March 12, 2012

1st "Semi-Big" Boo-Boo

Well, the first (of hopefully not many) trips to the doctor for an injury occurred today with Riley.  I received a call about 9:30 this morning at school that Riley had fallen while outside at daycare and hit his head.  The secretary said he may need stitches and thought I'd better just go ahead and leave and she would take care of finding me a sub.  My heart dropped into my stomach, even though I knew it was nothing life-threatening, it's hard to hear that your baby got hurt.  I couldn't really think straight to make plans, so luckily my dear colleagues came to the rescue.  My class would be dispersed once they returned from Related Arts until the sub arrived and Stephanie, my fabulous co-worker next door to me, would see about the plans for the rest of the day.

When I arrived at CPA, Riley was snacking on Fruit Loops in the front office with Ms. Lori and acting fine.  He came running up to me and gave me a hug. She told me how he had been pushing a red scooter on the concrete and had lost his balance and when he fell, he hit his head on the corner of the building.  The cut had stopped bleeding, but we weren't sure exactly how deep it was, so I went ahead and took him to see the pediatrician.  I was so impressed with how fast they were able to get us into a waiting room and seen by a doctor (it took only 1-2 minutes before they called us back and only 3-4 minutes after the nurse left us for Dr. Alexander to examine him). 

Luckily, Riley's injury wasn't bad at all.  The doctor cleaned him up, shaved part of his head, and applied glue to close up the wound.  Riley was a trooper! He squirmed a good bit and cried a little during the 5 minute procedure, but overall he was calm and cheerful the rest of the time.  And absolutely LOVED the red lollipop he received on the way out the door.

I'm so thankful our little boy is okay!  There are a lot of worse things that could have happened and I'm just so glad we had such great people taking care of us! I've told Riley that he's met his quota for the year, and he's not allowed to get hurt again.  Let's just hope he lives up to his side of the bargain!

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  1. Poor guy! So glad he is OK, but I hate that you all had a scare. I've always thought that what we are spared in teenage hormonal drama by not having girls, we will make up for in trips to the ER. I'm pretty sure it's harder on us parents than the kiddos. Hang in there, mama!