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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Few More Favorite Moments from my Little Sponge

So my silly boy is up to even more funny stuff.  He's like a little sponge at age 21 months because everything that he sees or hears now, he soaks in and then will start repeating.  Here are just a few my favorite highlights from these past 3 months:
      • Riley LOVES Sesame Street now and is becoming very proficient with his knowledge of the TV remote features.  He will ask for his favorite characters by name (it used to be Elmo and then Ernie, but it is now Grover or as he says "Grev-er").  He will then bring you the remote and wants you to fast forward through the other parts of the show to get to the part he wants to see.  When he was in his "Ernie stage", he would carry around his phone that Aunt Penny gave him for Christmas and would call Ernie  who would then say hello and do his characteristic "he he he" laugh.  Riley thought this was great and for the next few minutes, he would keep dialing Ernie and mimic his laugh.  Now whenever we say Ernie, he makes the connection to the laugh and does it on his own.   His other hilarious habit that he has picked up from watching Sesame Street is that he adores the Count and his "Ah, Ah, Ah" voice that he does after counting objects.  Riley will copy this now whenever he is counting.  It is so stinking cute! 
      • It's amazing how much he is picking up from school now.  Besides being able to do the motions to the songs and fingerplays such as "Wheels on the Bus", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", he has also learned how to dip his chicken into sauce like ketchup (we didn't even know he knew how to do this until last night at Olive Garden) and he loves running now.  He loves to talk about his friends names as he gets ready for school (like Abby, Flynn-ie, Maddox, Mason, Banks, and his teachers-Miss Haley and Miss Elaina).  We're still working on his colors though.  His class focuses on one color for a whole month and so far they have covered purple and orange with this new curriculum.  However, these days whenever you ask Riley what color something is, he always responds in a very confident upbeat voice that it is YELLOW! When the object we're referring to is not yellow we let him know that and his very next guess is GREEN! Those are his 2 colors that he answers every question with in regards to color.  He'll repeat the other colors like "bue" for blue and "ed" for red, but he doesn't really believe they exist right now.  Every morning on the way to school, Riley waves to Blake and Delaney's house and tells them "bye".  Unfortunately, they moved out of the neighborhood this past weekend, but they'll still be close by for us to get together and play with. Each afternoon when I pick Riley up from school, I ask Riley about his day.  Here's a typical conversation:
      Me: Riley, how was your day?
      Riley: Day.
      Me: Did you have fun?
      Riley: Fun.
      Me: Did you go outside?
      Riley: Side.   (Sometimes he'll add the word "bus" to let me know he climbed on the toy bus on the playground).
      Me: Did you sing any songs?
      Riley: Songs  (Sometimes he'll put his fingers together like Itsy Bitsy Spider).

      • Last week at school, Riley had Spirit Week.  Here's a picture of his Wacky Hair day (see the Crazy Sock day picture above).  I think Riley had as much fun with it as we had dressing him up! Even though his spiked hair deflated less than an hour later. 
      • Riley's new sport is basketball.  His Nan and Pappy got him a kid-sized basketball goal for Christmas and Riley loves putting the "bas-et-ball" "IN" the hoop.  He's getting better and better with his 2 point shots, but we still have a little ways to go on the 3 pointers.  Although, Riley does back himself up against the wall which is as far away from the basketball goal as he can possibly get, and then try and throw the ball "up".  He has 2 basketballs, but the smaller Nerf one is his and other one is for Momma or Daddy.  He's very particular about this.
      • One of our most precious times together as a family is at night as we are preparing for bedtime.  We play and then read books (Daddy is a favorite reader because he does all kinds of funny animal noises that Mommy can't do), and then around 7:00, we tell Riley to give us a kiss.  He leans in and makes a smacking noise with his lips and then kisses Daddy first and Momma second.  Next, he turns out the light and we "fix our hands" to pray.  We say a simple prayer thanking God for our day and for our family and then we end with "Amen" which Riley promptly repeats in a loud voice before diving into his crib and cuddling up to Wally (the whale), Ruff (the PillowPet dog), or George (the Curious George Monkey).  It's absolutely the sweetest little routine in our day and I love every precious minute of it.

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