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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Haircuts, Happy Visits, Halloween, and other Hilarious Happenings

This is Riley getting his 3rd haircut.  Despite the look on his face, he actually does enjoy the attention! He especially likes ClipperDoodles (which he's gone to twice now) because he gets to watch cartoons on his own personal TV and eat animal crackers (or just hold them in his hands the whole time until they turn into a soggy mess like he did last time!).  After the haircut, we went to our church's Fall Festival to eat some BBQ chicken and check out the vender booths.  The picture here was taken in the sanctuary of Philadelphia United Methodist.

A few weeks later, Nan and Pap came for a visit on Thursday, Oct. 27th and stayed with us until Sunday.  Riley had such a wonderful time entertaining all of us! He loved the singing lantern that they brought him as a prize and really enjoyed showing off his dance moves.  Here he is clapping his hands to the tunes.  He also know how to "bounce" (bend his knees into a squatting position), twirl around (a.k.a turn around in a slow circle), and nod his head (which typically causes him to lose his balance and plop down on the floor).
We decided to take off school on Friday and all go out to lunch at McHale's in Rock Hill and then visit the Children's Museum.  Riley has been several times before, but this is the first time that he was really able to walk around and enjoy a lot more of the activities (such as ringing the bell, dressing up in play clothes, playing in the train table, and walking in and out of all the little rooms).  He had a blast and became especially attached to 2 little blue and yellow trains that he carried around with him the entire time!

  Monday of course, was Halloween and we dressed our little munchkin up as a horse and a turtle!  Both costumes were hand-me-downs from Becker.  So Riley wore his turtle costume to school for his pumpkin picking party and then transformed into a handsome horse for his Halloween trick-or-treating adventure (which consisted of going to 4-5 houses before becoming too tired and cold to go on).  We were able to capture a picture of Riley at Todd and Barbara's Haunted House and the QCP kids in all their festive outfits.

It still amazes me though how much Riley has changed in just one year! Last year's Lil' Stinker and Mr. Bones with chubby cheeks and barely any hair has blossomed into a lean, long, teetering toddler! I love it and hate it at the same time!

One of Riley's favorite games to play now is to put hats on his head and then walk around with them pulled down over his eyes so that he can't see where he's going.  He thinks it's hilarious to bump into things and only be able to see his feet as he travels around the couch in circles.  What a silly boy!

Of course, my blog would not be complete without an update of Riley's latest words and phrases! Here he is in the bath with his "dadu's" (bubbles)! He loves his bath time and likes to repeat the names of each letter as we spell out his name.  The phrase that melts my heart now is when he repeats "love you" each afternoon as I put him in his carseat on the way home from daycare and at night when we tuck him into bed. Such a sweetheart!
Riley has also taken a special interest in animals and the sounds they make. Just recently, he recognizes ducks, cows, horses, cats, sheep, elephants, and of course dogs in lots of books. He tries to make their animal sound and my favorites are his high-pitched "meow" for the cat and "oooo, oooo" for a dog.  We're taking him today to the York County Museum to see some life-sized stuffed animals and can't wait to hear his invented sounds for even more creatures. 

Finally, our son is learning to be even more independent.  He now likes to wipe his own nose with a tissue and then go throw it away in the trashcan.  This is also pretty helpful when he wants to throw away his wet diaper. Now, if I can just get him to start mopping the floors...hmmm!

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