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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walking Tall

  • Riley just turned 17 months this week and as of Monday, he can now push himself up from the floor and walk tall and proud! He is movin' and cruisin' every time we turn around! What an amazing transition to watch from just going short distances to walking laps around our couch.  It sure helped when we moved our coffee table out of the way to create a wide open space in the living room like he has at school.  He feels much more comfortable walking now and while he still wobbles and falls, he is able to quickly assume a tri-pod stance and push himself up into a standing position.  Of course, sometimes he likes to just look at things upside down while he has his head on the floor and laugh when he sees Mommy and Daddy looking at him.  Silly goose!
  • Speaking of silliness, our little ham has now taken to carrying objects around in his mouth like a dog.  He especially likes to put soft balls in his mouth and walk around with them, but today he decided to transport a book the same way back and forth between our couches. We think this may have to do with his teething as he now has almost all of his back molars in and 1-2 smaller ones are starting to break through now too.  
  • Last weekend, Riley got to spend some extra time with Grandma and Papa while Mom and Dad spent a day together watching the USC game, going through a corn maze in Mint Hill, and grabbing a drink at Waldhorn's Oktoberfest.  Meanwhile, Riley went to a pumpkin patch and picked out his very own miniature pumpkin that has a "handle" so he can carry it around. He loved watching the ponies too and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing at their house and riding his truck back and forth on the sidewalk.  
  • Our tenacious toddler is becoming very opinionated about exactly what foods he will and will not eat and has resorted to throwing food off his highchair again in a very deliberate manner.  SO, as much as we'd hoped it was just a phase, we've decided to start using time out to help Riley refine his table manners.  We always start by giving a warning but in 9 out of 10 cases we have to follow-through with the actual act of placing Riley in the corner by the door.  He has tried to escape many times and we have to be diligent about putting him back.  We're following the "1 minute for every year of their age" rule for right now and I've gotta's the slowest minute in the world! 
  • Also earlier this week, Chris discovered that Riley now knows how to "shush" him by putting his finger to his lips and making the "sh" sound.  We found out he learned this from singing "The Wheels on the Bus" song at school. His teacher, Miss Ashley, said that Riley loves doing all the motions especially for the verses "The mommies on the bus, go sh, sh, sh" and "The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish." What fun! It's so neat to see his little mind absorbing so much at such a young age!

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